Jed Metzler

One of my favorite Pentecostal ministers made this comment during a sermon: “The primary reason God made mankind was so that mankind would worship, praise and adore him.”

That comment really convicted me. Often times there is so much to do in a day (don’t we all seem to try and cram 25 hours of work into a 24-hour day) that God often gets our “scraps” of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I value my time with the Lord, but often times a prayerful time of praise and worship with him on the way to work turns into a planning session for the following day. 

The Lord wants to hear us worship him every day. The Lord wants to hear us praise him every day, and yes, the Lord definitely wants us to thank him each day for the multitude of blessings that he has bestowed on each of us.

This should be our number one goal when we wake up each day: worship, praise and thank the Lord for everything.

But what about the times when you don’t feel blessed? What about the person who is watching a family member battle cancer or is battling it himself or herself?

What about when you (or your spouse) have lost your job and you are unsure of where your next mortgage payment will come from? Why should I praise the Lord when I don’t feel blessed?

As I write this devotional, and these questions plague my mind, I turned to the Bible for answers. 1 Chronicles 16:34 says, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

As I read and reread that passage, do you know what I find that verse doesn’t say? It doesn’t say, “Give thanks to the Lord because everything in your life is perfect.” It doesn’t say, “Give thanks to the Lord because everything in your life is going perfectly.”

It says to “give thanks to the Lord because he is good.” That’s it. That’s why we honor, praise, adore and love our God. We praise him; we give him our “thanksgiving” because He deserves it. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, but we as God’s creation should make thanksgiving a way of life. Every morning we must decide, “God will be God in my life today, no matter what I am going through.”  “I will praise and give thanksgiving to God today, for one reason, because he is worthy to praised.”

Originally published Nov. 27, 2013

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