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At times, snow in our neck of the woods (measured in feet instead of inches), brings about major changes to the landscape.  Roads become impassable as trees reflect the natural beauty that accompanies the snow event. Neighborhood scenes become picturesque in every aspect.  Last week’s snowstorm reminded me of the blizzard of 1993 that knocked out my father’s electric for weeks. As a result, his survival instincts kicked in and he decided to bury his food in the snow.  The wood stove kept him warm and also enabled him to cook.  Since he grew in Hampshire County, he was better equipped to handle these extreme conditions.  Although times have changed, these skills as demonstrated by the residents of the West Virginia, live on.

News From the River House: contact them for additional information at 304-856-2440 or visit  their website at Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, The River House is temporarily closed. Art packets continue to be available for pick-up on the front porch. Check their website or Facebook page for information regarding future events and reopening schedule.

Thurs. Dec. 31 – Virtual Season Finale via the Zoom App, 5:30-7:30 p.m. The Virtual Season Finale Variety Show will begin at 6 p.m., with participants invited to join a virtual “cocktail reception” before the show. Tickets for Party Goers are $5 (includes a link to the virtual finale); Party Pack, $10 includes the link, party hat, light snacks and activity ideas. These tickets can be picked up at TRH or email (; or Party Pack Deluxe $25 includes food for 1, link, party hats, light snacks and activity ideas.  These tickets should be picked up at TRH the day of the event to ensure freshness.

Fifty percent of the proceeds of the finale event will be donated to The Bright Box Theatre’s Go Fund Me Campaign.

News From The Capon Bridge Library: contact them at 304-856-3777 or visit their website at

The Library is open on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. from 11:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Curbside service continues to be available for those who choose this option.  You may also request books or movies by utilizing their website. At this time, no small children are being admitted to the library.

“Jingle” is back at the library but is currently in quarantine.  The Elf on the Shelf arrived with a mask and hand sanitizer.  He can be spotted at various locations thru the windows of the Library at the end of his quarantine period.  Bring your children by for this annual Christmas treat as they try to find him hanging around the library.  

A Christmas basket is being created with donations that include a hand painted snowman created by artist Janet Hockman and hot pads created by Ethan W. Ferris.  Check their Facebook page for additional information.  Pricing for the drawing will be $1 a ticket; 6 for $5.

Facebook story hour continues every Wed. at 11 a.m. Kids Crafts can be picked up on the front porch.  The craft of the week is posted on Facebook by Thurs. evening. 

The Library continues collecting food for the Amazing Grace Food Bank.  All non-perishable foods may be donated.  In addition, the Library is a drop off site for the HC Animal Shelter.  Items needed for the shelter include blankets, sheets and towels.

The West Virginia Kids Connect Access Point has been hooked up.  Come by the library to sign up and your child will be able to log on anywhere in W.Va.  Designed to assist children who do not have access to the Internet at home, all public schools, higher education institutions, county libraries and state parks are being turned into Wi-Fi hot spots. To learn more, contact them at 1-866-K12-WIFI or look them up on the web at   

The Library is proud to promote local artists during this holiday season.  Artist Janet Hockman has created several items for sale.  These items include ornaments, Santa pinecone pins, ceramic Christmas tree bulbs and other painted crafts.  Photographs by Ed Mauer are also for sale. In addition, the library is selling poster size prints by artist Laura Seabright, “Confederate Spirits Return.” These prints are available unsigned ($25) or signed and numbered ($50).   Do not pass up this opportunity to give a gift that also supports the local economy.

Community Events:

Due to the spread of Covid-19, many holiday events have been canceled.  Please check their websites, Facebook posting or contact them directly to confirm that the event is still being held. 

Now through Jan. 1– Christmas Festival of Lights, 5:30 – 10 p.m. daily, located at Hampshire Park in Augusta.  This drive thru exhibit includes a spectacular display of 225 lighted holiday decorations. Each display is accompanied by some of your favorite Christmas tunes. Simply tune your radio to station 106.5 and the music will play as you drive along admiring the many displays.  This is a free event; one your family will want to visit again and again.

Special Days to Celebrate in December:

Thurs. Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve.  This traditional day ushers in the Christmas holiday and gives us an opportunity to extend the love another day. 

Fri. Dec. 25 – Christmas Day.  A day to celebrate our faith and strengthen our family bonds.  Even a Zoom meeting can serve to bring us closer on this most important holiday.

Sat. Dec. 26 – National Candy Cane Day.  No need to wait any longer, those candy canes that decorated the tree can be enjoyed by all on this day.  Children, especially, will revel in the joy that comes with consuming a traditional candy cane.

Wed. Dec. 30 – Bacon Day.  No excuse needed to prepare a big breakfast including the all-time favorite bacon.  Why not fry up some eggs, hash browns and bacon for that seasonal family get-together? 

Thurs. Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve.  Celebrating this day might include reflections of goals you have achieved over the last year as well as what goals come to mind for the New Year.

The challenges of 2020 were numerous for our community, as well as the world.  We remain strong in our faith and in our commitment to persevere during the current health crisis.  Hope is appearing on the horizon in the form of vaccines.  Please continue to adhere to recommendations as outlined by Governor Jim Justice, including washing your hands frequently, wearing a face covering in public and maintaining social distancing.  May you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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