Betty Racey

Seems like we only receive sad news with the Covid pandemic still causing so many problems, but a bit of exciting news from lower Horn Camp Rd. when the arrival of baby girl was born on Jan. 13 to Justin Funk and Starr Moton: the new little one has been named Rylee Faith.  The family lives on the home place of Justin’s great-great-great-grandparents, the Snarr farm, and has his own business from there.  Also having homes on the farm are Justin’s grandmother, Sue Haines, and his parents Terry and Alanna Funk.

A birthday card shower for former Kirby resident –Velveena Simmons, now a resident of the Hampshire Center Nursing Home. Send cards to her at 267 Sunrise Blvd.  Romney, WV 26757.

Family members helped Mrs. Una Lupton celebrate her 86th birthday Sunday afternoon.

Prayers are sent out to ones recently having surgical procedures, among which was Mrs. Connie Pyles and Roger Hawse. 

To families that have suffered loss of loved ones – we send our deepest sympathy.  Burial at Asbury Cemetery was on Sunday for Mr. Don Peters. Sympathy to the Shanklin family of Briar Lick Rd. on the loss of Mrs. Norma Shanklin  and  to Marcia Ferrel on the passing of her sister, Marianna in Pa. and to the others.

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