Cali Kobasiar

Cali Kobasiar became the 1st Trojan swimmer to win a regional championship.

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Cali Kobasiar has spent the season rewriting the record books and once again she etched her name in Hampshire history becoming the first Trojan swimmer to ever win a regional championship.

“It feels amazing. It doesn’t get any better than this,” said Kobasiar with a huge smile on her face.

“When I touched the wall in first place, I was like thank God, because I have been working so hard for this.”

Not only did Cali earn the honor as best breaststroker in the region on Saturday, she also set another Hampshire High school record in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 1:02.54, which was good enough for 4th place.

Although the 4th place finish left Cali just out of state competition in the 100-yard freestyle, she will be swimming an additional event in Morgantown as part of the 200-yard freestyle relay team.

The combination of Cali Kobasiar, Zoe Grim, Jordan Haslacker and Bria Edgell clinched a berth into states finishing 4th with a time of 1:56.38.

“It was an incredible day,” said Hampshire head coach Lisa Lease.

“I’m just so proud of our kids.”

The other event that Hampshire earned a berth into states was in the 50-yard freestyle as Bria Edgell swam a 28.42, a personal best, to finish in 6th place.

Another outstanding performance in the Shepherd University pool was swam by Jordan Haslacker who set a school record in the 500-yard freestyle (6:55.54) to finish in 8th place.

“It’s amazing, I’m speechless,” said Jordan Haslacker immediately after jumping out of the pool.

“There were butterflies in my stomach and then when I saw my mom, she was crying, then I was crying and I gave her a big hug and it was like, ‘Oh yes!’”

Hampshire has a total of 4 girls swimming in 3 different events at states, which start on Thursday Feb. 20 and conclude on Friday Feb. 21. States will take place in Morgantown at the new Mylan Park Aquatic Center that just opened in November.

Team Scores Girls

1st: Jefferson - 100.5

2nd: Fairmont Senior – 100

3rd: Washington – 81.5

4th: Musselman – 63

5th: Spring Mills – 58

6th: Hampshire – 43

7th: Martinsburg – 41

8th: Hedgesville – 16

9th: East Fairmont – 15

Team Scores Boys

1st: Jefferson – 143

2nd: Washington – 119

3rd: Spring Mills – 78

4th: Musselman – 48

5th: Hedgesville – 45

6th: Hampshire – 25

7th: East Fairmont – 17

7th: Martinsburg – 17

9th: Doddridge – 13

10th: Fairmont Senior – 4

11th: North Marion – 2

(PB = Personal best)

Individual HHS girls results:

200-yard medley relay: 6th (Kobasiar, Grim, Haslacker, Edgell) 2:16.46

200-yard freestyle: Katie Dice 3:12.32 PB, Autumn Alderman 3:13.65 PB, Allyson Alderman 3:21.20

200-yard IM: 8th Maggie Odom 3:15.71 PB

50-yard freestyle: 6th Bria Edgell 28.42 PB, Zoe Grim 30.77, Maggie Odom 33.49 PB, Kellsey Savage 34.78.

100-yard butterfly: Autumn Alderman 1:53.68

100-yard freestyle: 4th Cali Kobasiar 1:02.54 PB (School Record), 8th Jordan Haslacker 1:06.84, Zoe Grim 1:11.41, Alex Kile 1:11.41 PB

500-yard freestyle: 8th Jordan Haslacker 6:55.54 (School Record), Taylor Kirk 7:28.29

200-yard freestyle relay: 4th (Kobasiar, Grim, Haslacker, Edgell) 1:56.38

100-yard backstroke: 6th Bria Edgell 1:16.88, Alex Kile 1:25.89 PB, Allyson Alderman 1:45.79

100-yard breaststroke: 1st Cali Kobasiar 1:15.13 PB (School Record), Kellsey Savage 1:36.91 PB

400-yard freestyle relay: 7th (Odom, Kile, Kirk, Alderman) 5:13.21

Individual HHS boys results:

200-yard freestyle: 5th Ethan Thorne 2:11.09, Gentry Shockey 2:44.06 PB, Jeffrey Combs 3:03.91

50-yard freestyle: Austin Eglinger 26.40, Austin Voit 28.27, Coltyn Kile 28.32 PB, Anthony Voit 28.43 PB

100-yard freestyle: 7th Ethan Thorne 57.12 PB, 9th Austin Eglinger 58.42 PB, Coltyn Kile 1:05.68 PB, Jeffrey Combs 1:19.98

200-yard freestyle relay: 6th (Thorne, Voit, Voit, Eglinger) 1:48.68

100-yard backstroke: 6th Trent Lupton 1:12.21 PB, 9th Austin Voit 1:17.13 PB

100-yard breaststroke: Anthony Voit 1:26.60 PB, Ryan Quick 1:36.84

400-yard freestyle relay: 4th (Eglinger, Voit, Voit, Thorne) 4:03.58

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