Elementary Students

Elementary school students clap and cheer for their friends during a relay race.

SUNRISE SUMMIT — The annual Field Day at Hampshire High School took place last Wednesday and once again kids had a blast testing their talents on the track and in the field in a variety of events. The following is the final results for the top 3 finishers in each event. 

Girls’ Softball Throw

  1. Aubrey Fultz-Slanesville-  105’7”
  2. Morgan Welty- Springfield/Green Spring
  3. Madeline Fleming-Slanesville

Boys’ Softball Throw

  1. Colten Fleming-Slanesville- 136’4”
  2. Zeke McDonald-Romney
  3. Mark Richman-Augusta

Girls’ Standing Long Jump

  1. Makenzie Sullivan-John Cornwell- 6’4”
  2. Desiree Haines-Capon Bridge
  3. Lexi Whetzel-Romney

Boys’ Standing Long Jump

  1. Peyton Milleson-Springfield/Green Spring- 7’2”
  2. Zachary Carl-Romney
  3. Jon Donnellan-Slanesville

Girls’ 1600-Meter Run

  1. Ava Call-Capon Bridge- 6:59.9
  2. Della Knight-Capon Bridge
  3. Claudia Lucas-Slanesville

Boys’ 1600-Meter Run

  1. Brayden Hott-Augusta- 6:53.01
  2. Mason Steifel-Capon Bridge
  3. Andrew Loy-Capon Bridge

Girls’ 800-Meter Run

  1. Hailey Michael-Augusta- 3:14.53
  2. Ana Mendoza-Springfield/Green Spring
  3. Summer Giffin-Capon Bridge 

Boys’ 800-Meter Run

  1. Colson Kinser-Slanesville- 3:04:01
  2. Elijah Cook-Slanesville
  3. David White-Capon Bridge

Girls’ 400-Meter Dash

  1. Madi See-John Cornwell- 1:15.0
  2. Eva Eglinger-Augusta
  3. Micah Moreland-Augusta

Boys’ 400-Meter Dash

  1. Ross Hicks-Romney- 1:24.95
  2. Will Foster-Romney
  3. Zachary Pyles-Augusta

Girls’ 200-Meter Dash

  1. Madynn Frye-Augusta- 33.56
  2. Bailey Nichols-Capon Bridge
  3. Autumn Weber-Slanesville

Boys’ 200-Meter Dash

  1. Channing Wilt-Romney- 33.03
  2. Ayiden Bloomquist-Augusta
  3. Kaleb Treadway-Slanesville

Girls’ 100-Meter Dash

  1. Alexa Stokes-Augusta- 15.78
  2. Jolie Jenkins-Capon Bridge
  3. Dezerea Sandridge-Romney

Boys’ 100-Meter Dash

  1. Sean King-Capon Bridge- 14.75
  2. Ethan Richman-Augusta
  3. Landon Eversole-Capon Bridge

Girls’ 4x100-Meter Relay

  1. Slanesville-Aubrey Fultz, Chloee Hott, Elowyn Boward, Claudia Lucas- 1:05.96
  2. John Cornwell- Shelby Messick, Heaven Corbin-Riley,  Madi See, Makenzie Sullivan
  3. Romney- Dezerea Sandridge, Neveah Skipper, Lani Stewart, Bae Jones

Boys’ 4x100-Meter Relay

  1. Capon Bridge- Landon Eversole, Sam Short, Andrew Loy, Sean King- 1:05.10
  2. Romney- Branson Watts, Ross Hicks, Drake Heward, Channing Wilt
  3. Springfield/Green Spring- Jackson Frazer, Kamdyn Phares, Marcus McBride, Peyton Milleson

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