Nick Carroll

Nick Carroll

On Monday, Jan. 13, the West Virginia Senate passed a resolution drafted by Charlie Trump that provides a “standing invitation” to Frederick County to join West Virginia.

In the midst of the Civil War in 1862, Virginia’s government held a meeting in Wheeling to consider the formation of a new state, West Virginia. Frederick County (Va.) was extended an invitation to join the newly created state but failed to take advantage of the opportunity, unlike the neighboring counties of Berkeley, Morgan, Hampshire, Mineral, Hardy and Grant.

 “In addition to the historical connections between Frederick County and the 7 counties of our Eastern Panhandle, there are strong bonds and ties of every kind among the citizens – family, business, education, culture and commerce. We share common values,” Senator Trump said.

“Frederick County’s residents have so much in common with West Virginia that our separation has never made sense.”

Trump’s resolution assures residents of Frederick County that they will be entitled to all rights secured and protected by the West Virginia constitution, “including not only the rights of free speech, freedom of the press, religious freedom, the right of peaceful assembly, the right to due process of law, but also the right to keep and bear arms without interference by the government.”

This resolution allows Winchester residents to keep their Winchester rifles, lower their taxes, and balance high school athletics in the eastern panhandle.

As you may have guessed, the latter issue is by far the most important.

With the addition of Frederick County schools, the eastern panhandle is perfectly situated to create a super conference.

Here is my proposition. The Eastern Panhandle Athletic Conference dissolves and a new conference is created. Let’s call it the Big East.

A total of 14 high schools would become members of the Big East and the alignments are based on location.

Big East - NORTH

  • Musselman
  • Jefferson
  • Washington
  • Martinsburg
  • Spring Mills
  • Hedgesville
  • Berkeley Springs

Big East - SOUTH

  • Hampshire
  • James Wood
  • John Handley
  • Sherando
  • Millbrook
  • Mountain View Christian Academy
  • Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy

A benefit of creating the Big East would be reestablishing regional rivalries with schools that are nearby. Be honest, do you really have hatred towards Jefferson and Washington?

Our current sectional is arguably one of the worst in America and geographically it makes no sense. Every Jefferson County fan dreads making the voyage to Hampshire County and the feelings are mutual from folks in Hampshire County.

    Lets make athletics great again in the eastern panhandle and persuade Frederick County to accept the invitation to join West Virginia. o

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