HHS Field Alumni Fund Form

The funds for the HHS stadium field and track are close to completion. The classes of 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968 are initiating this fundraiser to honor coaches Roger Parker, Don Peters and Don Swiger and their many contributions to the athletic programs in the latter years of Romney High School and the early years of HHS. The goal of this project is to raise approximately $30,000 by obtaining donations from the many students and athletes who were positively impacted by these coaches. As of now, approximately 29 people have donated to this specific fundraiser and have contributed a total of $3295 dollars.

Duane Colebank is spearheading this fundraising effort and has fond memories of these three men.

“We talked about how great it would be to honor Coach Peters, Coach Parker, Coach Swiger,” stated Colebank. 

“These guys worked tirelessly to improve Hampshire High athletics and we want people to know about their efforts from back then.”

Roger Parker put together a 17-5-1 record as head coach of the Trojans during his tenure from 1964-1966, and still has the highest winning percentage of any HHS coach.

The inaugural Hampshire season in 1964 was strange from the standpoint that two head coaches strolled the sidelines for the Trojans. Coach Roger Parker was the shot caller in the first 3 games, winning all three, but then unexpectedly stepped down to become a salesman for a wood producer in North Carolina.

By February 1965 he had been rehired by Hampshire County schools and then the next fall he resumed his position leading the football team for two more years before leaving to coach at Shepherd College.

In Coach Parker’s absence during the 1964 season, his good friend Don Peters stepped in and coached the final 7 games of the season and compiled a 1-4-2 record.

Don Swiger was the principal at Hampshire High School from 1973 until 1984. Under his tenure the football team was coached by Paul Clovis who compiled a 76-42-2 record from 1967-1978. Other coaches that strolled the sidelines while Swiger was principal included Ron Pyles who finished with a 15-15 overall record, and Jimmy Alkire who coached from 1982 until 1994 putting together 55 wins and 74 losses.

 Don Swiger was an integral part of Rannells Field improvements as new football bleachers were installed and a 440-yard track was built in 1979, thanks to a $10,000 gift from Anita Rannells.

There are many benefits to upgrading the facilities including giving kids an opportunity to advance and the chance for colleges to see them perform.

“To us it is something the county needs. We would like to see this project get finalized,” said Colebank

“Due to the generosity of the Bank of Romney, we have been given the opportunity to make vast improvements to the Hampshire High School stadium track and field areas. To all past graduates of the Hampshire County school system, let’s make this opportunity become a reality by honoring these very dedicated coaches.” o

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