Eli Hott

Eli Hott threw an inning of shutout baseball

SUNRISE SUMMIT — Two Trojan baseball players, Eli Hott and Tristan Everett proudly represented Hampshire County with their performance in the annual North-South baseball game which took place on Sunday afternoon at Glenville State College.

The North squad won 4-2 thanks to the clutch hitting of Hampshire’s Hott and Everett as each player went 1-for-2 at the plate. Everett also managed to pick up 2 RBI while Eli Hott pitched an inning of shutout baseball.

Hampshire Head Coach Chad VanMeter was also a part of the game as an assistant coach in the North dugout.

“It was an honor to be with those guys one more time,” said Coach VanMeter.

“It made me proud when the other coaches told me how great of kids Tristan and Eli were. Not that they were just good baseball players but good kids. It was a great opportunity.”

After the game Tristan Everett discussed how it felt to play with and against elite level talent from around the mountain state.

 “It was a great experience to have and I was proud to be a part of it playing against some of the best competition in West Virginia and that's where I strive to be,” stated Everett.

Eli Hott shed some light on his experience representing Hampshire High in the North-South game, “Me and Tristan played pretty well and that felt great.”

Hott continued, “It was nice to have Coach VanMeter in the dugout and share a laugh during the game.”

Two weeks ago Eli Hott and Tristan Everett signed their letters of intent to continue their baseball and academic careers.

Eli Hott will be attending Garrett College next fall while Tristan Everett takes his talents to Frostburg to play for the Bobcats. 

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