The Dapper Dan Club of Allegany County, The Children’s League and the Cumberland YMCA have joined forces and partnered to form “CASL,”the Children’s Adaptive Sports League.

CASL is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of providing various sports clinics for special needs children age 4 to 21 in the Tri-State area. 

CASL held its first free baseball clinic June 9 at Long Field Constitution Park in Cumberland. CASL will hold a 2nd baseball clinic from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Sunday, July 14, at Long Field Constitution Park, Cumberland.

All children will have the opportunity to play in a real game scenario under the lights.  Volunteers are welcome and parent involvement is encouraged.

This is open to boys and girls age 4 to 21. All children will have the opportunity to participate in fielding, throwing, batting and rounding the bases. No equipment is required to participate. 

Volunteers are welcome and parent involvement is encouraged.  Pre-registration is required.  Sign up online at or in person at The Children’s League by today, July 10.

CASL is focused on providing a special needs adaptive sports and socialization program for children. Through this program, children will be able to develop and strengthen their motor, cognitive, and social abilities.

It is not what the disability is, it is what the abilities are and how each child can use their current abilities to overcome any obstacles to doing the sports they would like to experience.

All parties involved want this to be a time for special needs children to “have fun, make friends and always leave with a smile, knowing that each child had a great experience that they can remember for a lifetime.

For questions or information please email or call The Children’s League, 301-759-5200. o

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