Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas picked up a win at Jefferson.

SHENANDOAH JUNCTION — Chris Lucas came into the season ready to run and proved his elite status in the region by taking 1st place at the tri-meet at Jefferson as the only runner to break the 18 minute barrier, crossing the finish line at the 17:45.2 mark. On the girls side Jadyn Judy torched the field as well beating the 2nd place finisher by over 20 seconds as she crossed the checkered line with a time of 22:13.1.

Coach Bill Lipps talked about his two 1st place finishers,

“Chris worked hard all summer and it showed and Jadyn was a pleasant surprise.” 

Lipps continued, “We were uncertain how she was going to perform.  She had been having some pains that we thought might slow her down.  But as she proved last year, she is a gutsy runner and had a decent race.  It is always good to get that first win as a runner out of the way.”

In terms of team results, both the boys and girls squads took 2nd place behind John Handley, but both teams were able to finish ahead of Jefferson.

“Going in we were only expecting to check out the competition, looking to see what kind of shape we were in and we were working on some race strategies.  To finish second was a bonus,” explained Lipps.

On the girls side for Hampshire, Judy took 1st, Danielle Davis finished 3rd, Maggie Odom took 10th, Emalee Bradley 11th, Alex Kile 12th, Deidra Haines 14th, Jada Fout 18th, Paige Chaney 19th, and Alexa VanMeter 22nd.

For the boys Lucas landed in 1st, Andrew Dorsey finished 4th, William Saville 6th, Coltyn Kile 10th, Hunter Rose 19th, Daniel Barbe 20th, and Chris Curry 21st.

Considering this was the first meet of the season, the tri-meet was used as a litmus test to find out where each individual is at in terms of conditioning. Coach Lipps discussed what was the most challenging part of the first meet, “Weather is always a challenge but a bigger challenge is determining where the runners are in their training and how in shape they are.  Trying to keep them from getting discouraged if they don’t perform as well as they feel they should is always the biggest challenge at the beginning of the year.”

On Saturday, Sept. 7 the Trojans head to Kutztown, Pa. to compete in the PTXC-10, which featured over 60 high school teams last year. o

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