SUNRISE SUMMIT — Hampshire County is once again at the forefront of athletics, as Hampshire High already meets the minimum standards set forth by the state Board of Education to a policy dealing with athletic trainers in public schools.

Policy 5112 includes revisions to minimum requirements for the licensure of athletic trainers that dated back to the early 1990’s for the licensure of athletic trainers, plus limited football trainers regarding football in grades 9-12 in West Virginia public schools.

Hampshire County currently employs a full-time, certified, licensed athletic trainer, Kari Williams.

Kari started working for HHS in October 2016 after earning her degree from WVU.

Williams shed some light on the new policy.

“The bill was originally written to put ATC’s [Certified Athletic Trainer] in every high school to cover varsity football. They revised it a year later to say ATC or “limited football trainer” can be anyone who works in the medical field including EMTs, Chiropractors, PTs, etc. or someone who took a, like, 6 hour class through the SSAC,” Williams explained.

“The revisions they have now change the wording from ‘ATC’s must be registered in WV’ to ‘ATCs must be licensed in WV’ because the legislature passed a law stating that ATCs have to be licensed during the last legislative session.”

While Hampshire High is fortunate to have a full time athletic trainer on staff, there are funding concerns along with issues of availability in other counties.

The new policy is slated to take effect later this year. o

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