It has been quite busy up at Hampshire High School during the week of Sept. 30 through Oct. 5. because of spirit week and homecoming festivities.

Throughout the week, students got to dress up and have fun. Monday was either get-up-and-go day or character day. Tuesday was class color day, and each grade wore a different color to represent their class.

Wednesday was either hippie or camo/hillbilly day. Then Thursday was beach or tourist day. Lastly, on Friday, students wore green-and-white to represent HHS for the homecoming football game later that night.

Many students enjoy participating in spirit week because they get the chance to dress up in wacky outfits all week long.

“I really liked character day this year because it is crazy, and everyone dresses up in weird outfits,” said freshman Mason Hott.

Although tons of students followed each day’s theme, some teachers and students noticed that there were still a few students who decided not to participate in the spirit week.

“I think that a lot of students still participated this year, but I wouldn’t say that more have participated this year than in the past, but it all depends on the classes,” said business teacher Amy Crites.

HHS ended this chaotic week with a pep rally that involved all the students battling for the class spirit stick. Cheer coach Lisa Meadows determined the winner after many games and challenges for each class to work together to complete in an attempt to win the spirit stick.

Senior Seth Eaton was excited for his last pep rally: “I can’t wait for Friday because I know the seniors are going to win the stick this year.” o

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