This year at Hampshire High School, new lunch options for students have been added.

During lunch last year, students only had 1 option to eat for their lunch, but this year students now have 2 options.

“I like having two options because if I don’t like one thing, then I will just get the other,” Junior Ellen Keaton said.

The idea of having 2 options for lunch came from students in past years, and finally it was taken to the board for consideration.

“I love having 2 options for lunch because 2 is always better than one,” said senior Hunter Staub.

The HHS cooks had some concerns about it, but they have been pulling it off so far.

HHS Head Cook Paula Eschenfelder said having 2 lunch options is challenging.

“It is very difficult to make 2 separate kinds of food every day because you have to prepare different kinds of foods,” she said, “and when you only have four cooks it is very difficult.”

Even though it is hard for the cafeteria staff, it has helped the school because more kids now get lunch. Before if students did not like the lunch, they would just not eat, but that is not case now that they have more options.

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