This week at HHS, there was been a widespread controversy among nursing students as they prepare to begin clinicals in the next few months.

This year, Principal DiAnna Liller has decided to change up the clinical schedule for the nursing students from the previous years. Last year’s clinicals schedule resulted in those students missing a lot of school because they would have to spend full days at the nursing home for 2 weeks in a row.  Most technical centers only send their students for the 90-minute class period, and they still complete as required.

“Last year’s schedule was just unrealistic for students, and I also needed to change the schedule to help ensure that students are not missing so many days of other core classes, which includes several honors and AP courses,” said Liller. 

 The new schedule that has been put together separates the students into 2 groups.  Both groups will attend clinicals for 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 4 hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

With this new set-up, clinical students will finish on time with several options for any make-up days.

Many students have mixed emotions about the new schedule, but both the instructor and Liller have reassured them that the schedule will work for all students. 

“I think this new schedule will work smoothly because all students will only miss 2 days a week now in their courses following clinical class, and the problem has been resolved by doing so,” said senior Brae’Leigh Rigglemen. 

Senior Alexis Orndorff has a few concerns about the schedule. 

“I feel like 2 hours isn’t enough time for everything, so hopefully this new idea works,” she said.

With lots of thought and consideration of the students this new schedule should work, and all the students should complete their clinicals in February. The nursing students will work on being completers before the year ends. o

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