The freshman class at HHS has been causing some trouble as the school year starts.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Principal DiAnna Liller called the entire freshman class to discuss their behavior. Several freshman teachers have had some issues with the class of 2023, saying how disruptive they have been in class and uninterested in learning.

 “The kids are good kids, but they are disrespectful, don’t have any self-motivation. I don’t think they were ready for the responsibilities of being a high school student and will have trouble moving forward if they can’t behave,” said Liller.

Several students have had a hard time transitioning from middle school to high school.

Student Dominic Strawn said, “The load of work and the tempo the teachers work at is different than middle school.”

Not all freshmen have had disturbing behavior; there is a handful that want to do well in high school and that are self-motivated.

Science teacher Danny Alkire said, “This group of students are definitely not like the other classes. They are a very curious group and aren’t afraid to ask questions, but sometimes they need to focus a little more on their school work.”

The freshmen have some thoughts about why many of their classmates can’t behave as well.

Freshman Mason Hott said, “I think some of my peers are having trouble because they are trying to act cool to fit in and try to make new friends because a lot of them just don’t care about school and grades.”

Hopefully, in the next few months the freshmen don’t have as much trouble getting into the swing of high school.

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