Foreclosures Don’t Just Hurt Adults, Study Finds

About 8 million children have been hurt by foreclosure, according to a newly-released report by First Focus, a bipartisan advocacy group for families.

“Children are the often invisible victims of the foreclosure crisis,” says Julia Isaacs, the author of the report.

The report highlights the widespread affect the foreclosure crisis has had on the nation’s children: About 2.3 million children have lived in homes lost to foreclosure; 3 million have lived in homes at-risk of foreclosure; and another 3 million have lived in rental homes lost to foreclosure or currently live in rentals that are at-risk of foreclosure, according to the report.

The foreclosure impact has been greatest on children in Nevada, where nearly one in five — or 20 percent — of children lived or live in a home that was lost to foreclosure or is at-risk of being lost to foreclosure. In Florida, 15 percent of children have been affected by foreclosure, followed by Arizona (14%) and California (12%).

Foreclosures have been found to hamper children’s performance at school. Children who have been affected by foreclosure often see math and reading scores drop as much as if they’d missed school for a month, Isaacs says.

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