BlackBerry Glitch Sparks Widespread Outage

A massive, mysterious disruption to BlackBerry’s service may have some real estate professionals who use the smartphones struggling to keep in touch.

Since Monday, BlackBerry’s Research In Motion has issued apologies for widespread global outages, which is preventing many people from receiving and sending e-mail messages as well as accessing the Internet.

The outage was first reported in Europe, starting on Monday, and then affecting the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday. The service disruption created a massive backlog of un-delivered messages, which then ultimately has caused the outage to spread even further, company officials said.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the company said that no customer e-mails had been completely lost and would eventually be delivered once service was fully restored.

On Wednesday, Research In Motion’s Chief Technology Officer David Yach told reporters the company is working “around the clock” to fix the glitch and that it was investigating the cause of the problem. Yach said that the company believes the global outage was caused by a failure of a single “core switch” in Europe. Yach said that the company did not believe the outages were caused by a network breach or hack.

As of early Thursday morning, BlackBerry service had not been fully restored in the U.S.

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