Cars Become New Target of Hackers

Real estate professionals tend to use their cars frequently. While staying accident-free may be one of your chief concerns when it comes to safety on the road, there’s a new warning about hackers who may want to target your car.

McAfee, a security software provider, recently issued a report that warns of a possible new danger lurking for vehicles coming from hackers who can tap into a number of connected autos, such as those using Bluetooth. McAfee warns that hackers could potentially gain access to any Bluetooth-connected device inside a car, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Recent studies also have demonstrated that hackers can gain access to the radio frequency identification (RFID) tags of newer cars that allow them to receive pressure data from small sensors inside the tires that can be used to track a vehicle. Also, McAfee notes that key safety components can be compromised remotely by hacker’s gaining access to a car’s electronics system using a system called CarShark.

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