Bridge living


What do you get when you put a preacher, an engineer, a developer, a mortician, a law school student, a toymaker and a salesman in a room? CBRG. 

Don’t worry, CBRG is not a new highly contagious disease – but our members do seek to keep it growing and active. The Capon Bridge Revitalization Group (CBRG) founded in 2011, is a 501(c)3 non-profit that seeks to improve the Capon Bridge community. 

It was originally started to provide the Town of Capon Bridge a resource to develop partnerships with local, state and federal organizations, trusts and non-profits. The current board members are Jack Whitacre, Mary Billings, Tim Reese, Lucas Giffin, Logan Mantz, Jimi Dennison and me.  Just like the town of Capon Bridge, we are locals and transplants; young and not-so-young; and in all stages of life. 

We are hopeful to join and support others seeking to improve the lives of Capon Bridge and Eastern Hampshire County. One of our current focuses is to support the efforts to “Replan and Repave” Capon School Street. 

Capon Bridge is a wonderful community and we seek to enrich the lives of all who both live in or visit our town.  We think “Bridge Living” is infectious.  We welcome your participation and ideas.  

David Stutts, Chairman, CBRG

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