Feline conundrum


Last week's news story, "Rescue Me", about the situation with this county's glut of cats, local animal control and it's shelter, and our commissioners, led me to research online West Virginia's animal statutes, codes, and ordinances.  I also viewed Hampshire County's Dog Control Ordinance #4 (dated 28 May 2002).

I conjecture from the information contained therein, that cats are omitted from local shelter intake because they generate no funds for the county; unlike dogs, since those over 6-months of age are considered personal property and taxed by the assessor's office.

That being said, there ARE local WV counties that step up to the plate and do the right thing for their citizenry.  Morgan County does accept cats/kittens on a space available basis.  Berkeley and Jefferson Counties do, also.

To not provide options for this county's residents places a burden on rescues that already have their hands full.  If indeed, the Hampshire County Animal Control facility can euthanize immediately felines brought in, that provision needs to be implemented, and offered as an option to those stressed by cats and kittens being abandoned or dropped-off on their properties.  If the county doesn't care, that disregard is reflected in the actions taken by the people that live here.  Let's break that cycle.

Linda Blundell, Bloomery

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