Green Spring fire

Richard Smith, his sister Chelsea (holding 1-year-old Colson) and Chelsea's fiancé Daniel Lewis (holding 3-year-old Ethan) stand in front of what remains of their home. 

GREEN SPRING — A mobile home fire on Bell Street in Green Spring Thursday morning sent a family of 5 out into the cold with just the clothes on their backs.

Daniel Lewis and his fiancee Chelsea Smith ran outside with 3-year-old Ethan and 1-year-old Colson, only to realize Chelsea’s brother Richard Smith had been left behind. Lewis helped him escape, pulling him through a window.

The 2 men were to start new jobs with Macy’s Thursday night, but had no clothes to wear, driver’s licenses or cell phones to call and explain why they would miss work. They hoped Macy’s would understand, but did not know Thursday whether they would still have their jobs.

Chelsea Smith was given some cash by a firefighter - “ to make sure her kids had something to eat that night,” she said. By early afternoon, Red Cross representative Mike Myers had arrived on the scene to provide emergency assistance from the Red Cross, enough for a few nights’ lodging.

They were headed for the home of Chelsea’s stepmother, Shannon Brightwell, in Hagerstown for the Thursday night, but could not stay there longer. They need housing, as well as clothes and furniture.

Brightwell said she would put anyone who can help in touch with the family. Her cell phone is 843-367-8041, and email

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