Dale Brady - Wondering

Dale Brady, Wondering

As I was wondering what to write about this month, I realized that I have been writing this op-ed for 3 years.

Sometimes it is challenging to find what to write about, and other times, like now, a word grabs me and won’t let go. It is a bit like when a writer starts a story and suddenly the character runs off in a direction that the writer didn’t even know existed.

Apparently now, I am meant to write about passion. For those who have been keeping up with me, you know that I care about eating local food, finding a way to bring peace to the planet, recycling and other ways to save the climate.

I care about children, the arts and finding joy in everyday life. I have written about love and flirting and harassment and courting.

I have been writing about the challenges that we face everyday here in our county, our state, our country and the world. And as we face the coming election year, I worry that the same emotional issues still seem to be focusing our attention.

I hope that we will find a common language to work our way toward understanding how alike we all are and how we each want the same things – family, love and a peaceful life; everyone on the earth – except those who insist on making war as a way to solve what they see as problems. 

I wish passionately that each child is born into a family filled with love. I wish that we will find a way to end the wars and the suffering of children dying of hunger all over the planet and also to recognize the need for each woman to have access to what she needs for birth-control and to control the size of her family to fit her resources and ability to provide for her children.

I have recently been reminded of the size of families in the 19th century and how many women had a dozen or so children and how many men, when that wife died, married again and had another family of 8 or 10 children.

One of my own ancestors had 22 children (or rather his wives did). I can’t help but wonder if those women might have been a little happier with a smaller family and a long life to enjoy their grandchildren.

My curiosity about the history of Romney has led me to care passionately about bringing the town back to life. There used to be restaurants and shops and a theater and I hear people talk about how they would come to town and get a milkshake at a drug-store counter and have choices of places to have Sunday dinner.

I have written about the heart of a small town and I wonder how one brings that back. What if there were fun shops and little cafés and all sorts of entertainment every week? In fact, there are an increasing number of arts and music events in the county every month and as more people become involved, more options will happen.

Will you come to town and see what is being created and share in the sense of community? 

When I feel very passionate about something, I know that I get carried away. I can start talking very fast and can feel frustrated when others around me don’t get “it.”

I love theater, food, birds, history, laughing and just ... joy. I know that every day can’t be one of bliss, that there are hard times.

But I worry that our fears are blocking our abilities to feel that joy, to see what can be, what we can do and become. 

I have met so many wonderful people here in town (and in the county) who are sharing their passions and dreams. And this is a good time to remind ourselves that Thanksgiving Day will be here soon and so I would like to say that I am very (passionately) grateful for all of the joys that I have had along the way in my life and I am looking forward to many more.

I hope that I see you having a joyfully passionate day soon.

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