SUNRISE SUMMIT — With the number currently standing at 522 units raised, significant progress has been made in a short amount of time which reflects upon the desire of the local community to overhaul the current track and football field at Hampshire High. The estimated price tag for the project is about $1.6 million, with the core of the financing coming from an offer by The Bank of Romney to pay 52 percent of the cost over the next 15 years and operate a fund for automatic transfers for the other 48 percent needed.

After a unanimous vote from the board of education to create an ACH fund to pay for the field, the goal of the Hampshire Trojan Challenge was pegged at 1,000 units.

The ACH fund was officially launched in early July and just 7 weeks later, the number of units raised has cleared the halfway mark.

“The community has bought in and is starting to see the value this project brings in terms of how this can benefit the students and the local community,” said Hampshire Athletic Director Trey Stewart.

“Right now this thing is really starting to gain momentum and starting to become very real, it’s starting to have a little heartbeat, it’s starting to grow organs, it’s starting to become real life and that is very exciting.”

Rather than setting a time-based deadline for measuring community support, the board stated it won’t take any further action until 750 of the 1,000 units have been sold.

“When we hit the 750 mark, which is hopefully soon, we are going to revisit the idea of collecting some bids and present this project back to the board,” explained Stewart.

Before the plan can move forward, the project would still have to be bid out, but since the board alone can sign for the loan nothing can move forward until they approve the project.

There has been significant involvement from many parties including the fundraising oversight committee and some large one-time donors.

“It is really special to have guys like Richard Smith in our corner to help us out in this project. We are very fortunate he has been so generous to help the community, and we thank him for his generous contributions,” said Stewart.

Richard Smith is just one of the many names that have pledged their support of the field renovation. Once the project is approved for construction it will take approximately 100 to 120 days to complete. 

If you would like to sign up and take the Hampshire Trojan Challenge, contact Trey Stewart at / (304) 822-7250.

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