Campaign begins for Rannells reno

SUNRISE SUMMIT — On Monday evening it became official, the HHS Stadium renovation campaign was launched. After the Board of Education unanimously voted to allow the creation of a fund to pay for replacing the football field and track, it is now on the shoulders of the community to raise ¾ of the donations in order to move forward with this project.

The overall goal for the community is to raise a total of 1,000 units, with a unit equating to a $5 pledge per month over the span of 15 years.

The sooner the funds are secured, the sooner the plan can be presented to the Board of Education for approval.

“We just rolled out the project last night and have had a tremendous response,” said Hampshire Athletic Director Trey Stewart.

“While it is great to see the community get behind the project with likes and shares, we still need people to sign up and make a pledge which I am confident will happen.”

As mentioned previously, the heart of the financing is an offer by The Bank of Romney to pay 52 percent of the cost over the next 15 years while operating the fund for automatic transfers from other donors for the other 48 percent.

Although the total goal consists of acquiring 1,000 units, the immediate objective is to secure 750 units.

Rather than setting a time-based deadline for measuring community support, the Board agreed to take no further action until ¾ of the units have been sold.

“Upon securing the 750th unit, we plan to make a presentation back to the Board in order to secure bids for the project and move forward,” explained Stewart.

The Bank of Romney has now officially established the fund and is readily accepting applications for ACH deposits.

The oversight committee has created a Facebook page in order to reach a large sector of the community and you can monitor the happenings by following Hampshire High School Stadium Renovation on Facebook.

When asked about the time frame in terms of securing 750 units, Dave Mayfield, vice-president of the Bank of Romney stated, “It will depend on the success of the social media outreach in terms of numbers of people contributing to the fund.”

If you would like to pledge a donation to the Rannells Field renovation and take the #HampshireTrojanChallenge visit the website , fill out the form on page 3B, or simply visit and click the Hampshire Trojan Challenge icon.

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