On this Thanksgiving Day 2019, we are so grateful for:

• The bounty most all of us will have before us as we feast — generally after the parade and before the football games. We give thanks for a nation that can produce so much to fill our tables, and our bellies.

• A democracy that works  — maybe not the way some of us wanted it this year, but works nonetheless. The will of the people, within the promise of the Constitution, continues to resound in 2019.

• The volunteer firefighters who put their lives on the line when need arises most — running into burning buildings when the rest of us run away.

• Their comrades, our police and rescue squad members, who stand to serve day in and day out.

• The rugged beauty of this place we call home, the winding country roads, the peaks and ridges, the forests and the hollers.

• The hard work of employers, their employees, and entrepreneurs to bring us whatever measure of prosperity we enjoy.

• Our schools and the continuing efforts of teachers and staff to teach and guide our next generation.

• The health and healthcare we enjoy.

• Our families, friends and neighbors, who bind us all together in close-knit community, sharing our burdens and joys in equal parts.

• God’s unexpected blessings, like the cheeseburger at the Farmer’s Daughter in Capon Bridge becoming an overnight sensation in the Washington Post .

• The chance for us at the Review to be part of your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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