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These 2 Romney businesses are looking to collect prom dress donations, like the one pictured, to provide girls with cheap, stylish looks to wear to the spring dance.

ROMNEY — The ladies at Gina’s Soft Cloths Shop and the Coffee Pot in Romney understand that prom isn’t cheap.

That’s why they have paired up to provide girls in the county with affordable dresses in time for prom this spring.

Victoria Palmer-Kesner at Gina’s and Chloe Roomsburg at the Coffee Pot are 2 of the faces behind this dress drive, working together to advertise the donation opportunity in the community.

“I was thinking about it, and I asked Chloe if she was interested, and we just threw it out there,” Kesner said. “People’s reactions so far have been great.”

Kesner mentioned the idea to Roomsburg, revealing that she couldn’t go to her senior prom because she was busy waiting tables to earn money.

“We decided we would find prom dresses and sell them for cheap to our local girls,” said Roomsburg. “Help our community, so they are not trying to scramble to find $200 or more for a dress to wear for a few hours.”

Gina Jordan is also offering her services for alterations and repairs to the dresses that come in.

“If there are tears in the dress, we can fix them up,” Jordan said. “Little stuff like that.”

The dresses, which can be donated at either Gina’s or at the Coffee Pot, will be sold for no more than $30, which helps out immensely with some of the costs associated with prom in general.

“The dresses here will be cheaper than any in Winchester or Cumberland,” Kesner noted. “We want to provide nice, affordable prom dresses, with a seamstress right here.”

 Tonya Love, one of the ladies at Gina’s, added, “I think it’s a great idea. These girls just want to get pretty for their prom.”

The idea to help girls around here to afford nice, in-style prom dresses is a concept that has taken on new life with the help of Facebook. Kesner said that there has been interest from folks all over the country to send their old prom dresses to Gina’s for the drive, and some are giving even 3 or 4 dresses at a time.

“We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support,” Kesner said.

Roomsburg added, “It’s been amazing. We have had so many just simply donate dresses; we even have dresses being shipped in from other states from the social media shares, which is amazing.”

Some of the dresses that have been given already that might not work for prom are going to be available for middle school girls attending Spring Fling as well.

These 2 businesses are hosting a night for girls to shop the selection of dresses on Friday, Feb. 21 from 5-8 p.m. Having this event in February allows for Gina’s to have some time to complete the necessary alterations before prom actually arrives.

“I see every year desperate messages on Facebook a week before prom looking for dresses,” Jordan said. “People just lose track of time I think.”

This drive aims to combat the last-minute prom-dress desperation by having girls come in and shop in February to find their perfect dress.

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