ROMNEY — With staff due to report Monday and students a week later, Hampshire County schools are still short more than a dozen teachers.

The school board approved a handful of hires and transfers at its regular meeting Monday night.

Then, minutes later it adopted a measure that identified areas of “critical need” in special education, math science, music, elementary education, art, speech pathology and school nurses, along with shortages in the area of school psychologist and administration.

If the state board accepts the list, then the county is free to hire retirees to fill positions as long-term substitutes without the retirees having to forfeit any of their pensions as normally required by state law.

Monday night’s personnel list included 6 open special ed positions, 3 in math, 2 in art, 2 in elementary classrooms, and a science and school psychologist opening.

In addition, 2 resignations accepted Monday didn’t yet appear as open positions, a counselor at HHS and a 5th-grade teacher at Romney. 

One of the elementary openings, a 4th-grade class at John J. Cornwell, is to replace Linda Nixon, who was appointed interim principal at Cornwell and Springfield-Green Spring. Nixon is a former administrator – she retired 2 years ago as attendance director – who came back to fill an opening.

Long-term substitutes are being lined up for the open teaching positions so every classroom will have a teacher in it come Aug. 19.

In other business:

• The board approved the 1st reading (of 3) for a policy on class rank. The policy will open senior honors only to students who were enrolled at Hampshire High from the beginning of their junior year. Anyone who transfers into HHS after that will not be considered for valedictorian, salutatorian or Top 10 ranking.

• Pre-K contracts were approved for EACHS and WVSDB.

• An electrical contractor will be hired to help the staff electrician catch up on lighting projects.

The board’s next scheduled meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 19.

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