SUNRISE SUMMIT — The 2019 inductees to The Hampshire County Athletics Hall of Fame were honored Saturday afternoon at Hampshire High as Eddie Hartman, Don Cookman, Steve Davis, Charlie Carl, and Amanda Greene officially became members in this prestigious company. However, the focus was mostly on the man who was not present, original committee chairman Donnie Davis.

Several folks shared vivid stories of Davis including Charlie Carl’s recollection of seeing Donnie outside Fenway Park in Boston, and Steve Davis who mentioned, “Donnie’s last words to me were, I hope you make the Hall of Fame.”

New committee chairman Kenneth Sitar did a wonderful job of stepping up and replacing the irreplaceable as the highlight of the reception was when Sitar unveiled a plaque honoring the founder of the Hampshire Athletic Hall of Fame, Donnie Davis.

“Donnie is the one that did everything, it was like his life and he did a great job,” said former athletic director Erino Leone. 

While folks fought back tears in remembrance of Davis, there were also some bright spots and a few laughs.

“Its hard not to get inducted when you are on the committee that nominates the Hall of Fame inductees,” stated Don Cookman with a chuckle. “It was nice to walk on the field with 2 other old men and 1 beautiful young lady.”

That young lady was bowling sensation Amanda Greene who entered the hall on the first year she was eligible. Amanda talked about her parents and their commitment to take her everywhere and following her college career including a wrong turn in El Paso that had customs searching their car and fighting through a blizzard in South Bend, IN.

“I spent almost every day of my life with my family in the bowling alley,” said Greene

“Bowling is my life, it always has been and always will be.”

Perhaps Steve Davis best summed up the evening when he said, “I’m honored to be selected with such a great group of athletes.”

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