The first annual event to benefit the Romney Project for Murals went off without a hitch.

J.A. Cook and John D’Amico were instrumental in leading the effort to design the floor plan and to build the sets that filled the garage at The Bottling Works in Romney. A total of 20 sets featured a graveyard, a nursery, a pirate ship, creepy spiders, the mad doctor, insane patients and the butcher with a half body.

The sets were mainly constructed with common materials like pallets, landscape cloth, ribbons, a couple of black lights, strobe lights and a few other knickknacks here and there. Countless quantities of paint, staples, screws and extension cords were also used to construct the maze that led visitors from one spooky scene to another.

The construction started in the beginning of September and continued over a period of 6 weeks. Many volunteers gave a helping hand to build the sets and over 30 guides, actors, boos and organizers participated each night (rain or shine) during the 4-day event.

A big thanks to The Bottling Works for letting us use their space and a special thanks to the business contributors at Eastern Building Supplies, Shaffer Funeral Home and Hometown Solutions of Augusta.

Many thanks to the volunteers for their hours spent in the design, construction, participation and decommission phases of this event. But most of all, we thank the great town of Romney and all the brave souls that enjoyed the Hampshire House of Horrors this year.

Your contributions and donations are truly appreciated.

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