ROMNEY — The January grand jury indictments have brought charges against a couple that was reportedly bringing stolen vehicles into Hampshire County.

Another couple faces 5 charges stemming from sex with a minor.

Defendants were being arraigned Tuesday as the Review went to press.

Here are the rest of the charges:

Property crime

• Anthony Anderson Kinzer and Morgan Corrine Nicholls were indicted jointly on 8 felony counts of bringing stolen property into the state.

Charging documents accuse Kinzer, 35, and Nicholls, 26, of bringing several stolen items to West Virginia between August and October last year, among them an Airstream trailer valued at $3,000; a 2017 Can-Am Maverick UTV worth $19,000; a $5,000 2018 Kawasaki dirt bike; a 2016 Toro zero-turn mower valued at $5,000; a 2018 Can-Am aluminum utility trailer valued at $3,000; a 2010 John Deere gator valued at $2,500; a 2019 Keystone Premier camping trailer valued at $30,000; and a black box utility trailer, valued at $2,000 “or more,” that had its VIN number removed.

The charges say the couple knew the items were stolen. The joint indictment means the duo can be tried together.

Sex charges

• Cody Michael Trenum and Zoe Abigail Pownell were jointly indicted on 2 counts of using minors to film sexually explicit conduct, a count of possessing the material, another of distributing the material and a final count of conspiracy.

Authorities charge that Pownell, 19, ran the camera while Trenum, who turned 20 last week, had sex with a 15-year-old. Pownell is also charged with distributing a video of herself engaging in sexual acts with the 15-year-old.


• A confrontation on Nov. 29 has brought charges against both parties.

Robert Brett Osborne was charged with wanton endangerment and brandishing a deadly weapon while Robert Hott Long Jr., 24 was charged with 2 counts of wanton endangerment.

Authorities say Osborne, 47, pointed a weapon at Long and threatened to shoot him. They say Long fired a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson firearm at Osborne twice. 

• Robert Douglas Roberts Jr. was charged with strangulation, kidnaping, assault during commission of a felony and a 2nd offense of battery on a police officer.

Authorities say the 33-year-old Roberts choked a woman, punched her and dragged her by her hair into a bedroom where he locked her up last Dec. 7. When police arrived, authorities say, Roberts knocked off a deputy’s body camera. Roberts was convicted in 2012 of attacking an officer.

• David Bryson Dubs was charged with a count of malicious assault. Authorities say the 49-year-old Dubs stabbed a family member on Aug. 19.  


• Scott Randolph Heward was charged with reckless fleeing and misdemeanor destruction of property.

Authorities say Heward, 29, led police on a 90-mph chase along Jersey Mountain Road on Nov. 4, sideswiping one Hampshire County deputy’s cruiser and nearly running down another deputy, before finally surrendering. The damage was a destroyed mirror, less than the $2,500 value needed to constitute felony destruction.

• Dillon Matthew Wilson was charged with a 3rd DUI offense resulting from a traffic stop on May 25.

The 25-year-old has DUI convictions in Hardy County from August 2012 and February 2013.

Financial crimes

• Robert William Fagg was charged with forging and the companion crime of uttering.

The charging document says that between Aug. 15 and 24, Fagg, 29, falsely signed a woman’s name on a pair of checks to himself – the forging – and tried to cash them – the uttering. 

• Mariah Lea Luckey was charged with conducting a fraudulent scheme in August and September.

Authorities say Luckey, 25, made fake deposits into different ATMs that allowed her to draw out $4,272.82 in cash.

• The same type of fraudulent scheme was charged against Ashlynn Anne Paugh.

The charging documents claim Paugh, 28, drew out $5,689.87 from ATMs last August and September.

Drug charges

• Nathan Woodward Watson faces 3 charges – possessing of a controlled substance in jail, possessing a dangerous item in jail and possessing a thing of value in jail. The 1st 2 are felony charges. 

A suboxone strip, a lighter and cigarettes were found on Watson, 26, in the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail in late August.

• Nichole Marie Brice was charged with manufacturing marijuana. The charges say the 40-year-old was caught growing the weed on Oct. 8 or 9.

• Jonathan Edward Burgess was charged with manufacturing marijuana, stemming from the 56-year-old’s arrest on Sept. 5.


• Shane Edward Sine was charged with an unlawful attempt to buy a firearm.

Charging documents say Sine, 42, tried to purchase a .22LR-caliber Marlin 60 rifle by denying on the ATF form that he was under a court order of protection.

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