The Hampshire Trojan Challenge keeps growing.

A trio of connected businesses has pledged $50,000 to the massive campaign that is trying to fund a new artificial turf field and rubberized track at Rannells Field.

“We are very fortunate for donors to step up and help our kids experience the many benefits that come from this type of facility,” Hampshire High Athletic Director Trey Stewart said Tuesday. “It is our turn to set the bar.”

The gift came from Holtzman Oil, Holtzman Protein and Valley Ice.

The announcement of the $50,000 gift comes just a week after Koolwink Motel owner Robert Lee gave $30,000 to the campaign in honor of his high school coaches, Paul Clovis and Jim Alkire.

The donations are the 2 largest since The Bank of Romney announced in June a pledge and plan to raise more than $1.5 million over 15 years for the overhaul.

The bank has said it will give $841,000 over 15 years, about 52 percent of the total needed. The rest is to come from community donations.

“This donation along with the many others helps confirm the value our community sees in this project,” Stewart said.

The core of the fundraising plan is the creation of a fund at The Bank of Romney that individuals can pledge automatic contributions to. Each contribution of $5 a month is considered a unit and the goal is to have 1,000 units in place.

With the Holtzman-Valley gift, units have topped 700 and are nearing the milestone that the Board of Education has set for the plan’s organizers to meet before the board makes a decision on letting the project break ground. That threshold is 750.

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