wind damage

Thanksgiving’s wind storm split one of the big trees on the Courthouse grounds.

The winds that ushered in a weekend of weather challenges kept fire companies across Hampshire County hopping.

Romney’s volunteer firefighters spent all but 45 minutes of a 12-hour midweek stretch battling blazes.

“Since last Wednesday we’ve ran 11 calls,” Romney Fire Chief G.T. Parsons said Monday afternoon.

The calls began at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday as a wind advisory went into effect through mid-afternoon Thursday. From then through 5 a.m. Thursday it was non-stop for the Romney squad, fighting 3 brush fires, attending a car accident and battling a structure fire on Middle Ridge Road.

Parsons said the structure was a secondary building on the property. The block building had electric, heat and a carport, but was not the main residence. Parsons did not offer a dollar value on the loss.

“Everybody was hammered,” Parsons said. “We had the 1st brush fire at 5:30 that Wednesday evening. As the evening went on, less and less assets were available for us to draw from. Springfield was with us on every call, I believe.”

Fire crews around the county were called out to assist with downed trees as well as battling brush fires. One oak on the grounds of Romney’s Courthouse was split asunder.

The National Weather Service reported a 62-mph gust at the Cumberland Regional Airport in Wiley Ford during the height of the windstorm.

By Thursday evening, outages ranged in the hundreds of customers in Hampshire, Mineral, Allegany and Garrett counties.

In Garrett County, eastbound Interstate 68 was closed temporarily and traffic detoured early Thursday when a power line blew down.

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