ROMNEY — Three men were indicted on drug distribution charges by the grand jury last week and more could be coming.

Three other indictments remained sealed Monday afternoon with the identities of the defendants and the charges against them secret until they are in custody.

Sealed indictments are used throughout the American judicial system, but haven’t been handed up in Hampshire County recently. These are the 1st approved by Judge Charles Carl since he took office in 2013.

Prosecutor Betsy K. Plumer said the sealed indictments are “the same type” as the unsealed drug indictments.

“We’re trying to do a concerted effort to address the opioid epidemic,” she said. 

The grand jury issued 12 indictments in all involving 10 people. It’s the smallest set of indictments since the 10 indictments issued in January 2013 on new Prosecutor Dan James’s 2nd day in office. Four months later James set a Hampshire County record, securing 58 indictments from the grand jury.

The three so far charged with drug distribution are:

• Hunter Remington Russell was charged with a count of delivery of a controlled substance, heroin.

The charging papers say Russell sold .2 grams of heroin to a confidential informer working with the West Virginia State Police for $100 last August.

Russell also was indicted on a charge of delivery of methylenedioxyamphetamine, known as MDA, nearly a year earlier, in September 2017.

The charging document said he gave 10 tablets of MDA to a state police informant for $200.

• Jacob Raymond Greene was charged with delivery of methamphetamine. The charging document said he sold a state police informant slightly more than .4 grams for $100 in September 2017.

• John Allen Barrett was charged with delivery of methamphetamine.

The charging document contended that Barrett sold a half gram of meth to a state police informant for $75 last December.

In other cases:

• Philip Henry Spicer and Candice Renee Spaid were jointly indicted on 5 counts. The combined indictments mean the pair could be tried together.

The charges include malicious assault, conspiracy to commit malicious assault, accessory after the fact to malicious assault, falsely reporting an emergency incident and obstructing.

The charging documents said Spicer assaulted Spaid’s husband on June 6 with help from her, then afterward she called 911 with a false claim that her husband had shot Spicer. 

• Devin Conard Haines was indicted on 3 counts – possession of child erotica, 3rd-degree sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The charging document claims that Haines, who turned 24 in August, had sex with a 14-year-old in March. The charges say that between last November and March Haines took her joyriding and carried a revealing picture of her with him. 

In a separate set of indictments, Haines was charged with distributing and exhibiting material depicting a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and also distributing and displaying material of an obscene manner to a child.

The charging documents say that in July Haines had other pictures of the then-15-year-old in sexual situations and sent her nudes of himself with his cellphone.

• Levi Scott Conard is charged with a count of an unlawful attempt to purchase a firearm.

The charging document said Conard tried to purchase a Cobra pistol model CA380 from a local gun seller by denying he was a convicted felon.

The Review will publish the other 3 indictments when they become public information. o

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