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This Sunday’s Easter observance signals spring break for students, but for other government bodies, it’s business as usual.

Hampshire County schools are closed Friday through next Wednesday, April 19 and 22-24, for spring break. Students lost days off this Thursday and next Thursday-Friday to make up for snow days.

Students at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind are off all next week, April 22-26. Classes resume Monday, April 29.

Government offices at all levels — federal, state and local — are open and operating both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Review office will be closed Friday. 

* * *

The county assessor's office will be installing an ATM for the convenience of citizens paying bills, since the office does not accept credit and debit cards. The county commission approved the request last week. 

Installation must wait for Froniter to provide a dedicated phone line, and this has not yet been scheduled. Assessor Norma Wagoner is hopeful that the ATM will be available for use by July 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year.  

* * *

“Tractor: the Movie,” the public broadcasting program that featured at least 1 Hampshire County tractor and a couple of its enthusiasts, is available for viewing on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s website.

* * *

Hampshire High School senior Alexander Ritchie will sing the national anthem at a WVU baseball game on Saturday in Morgantown.

* * *

Another big jump came to West Virginia gas pumps last week.

The average price of a gallon of gas Sunday rose 6.2 cents from a week earlier to $2.77, reported in its daily survey of 1,154 stations.

The price was 18.9 cents higher than a month earlier and 7.7 cents higher than a year earlier.

The national average of $2.82 was up 7.4 cents in a week, 28.7 cents in a month and 12.2 cents in a year. 

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