I’m with Gary


In the Hampshire Review dated November 13 there was a letter from Gary Edwards of Augusta.

In response to Roy Knight, I leave out (Rev. because no one on earth deserves that title.)

I do not know who you are, nort have I ever met you. I too have read that article and when I finished reading it, I decided not to read any more of his articles. I want to thank you for all the words of your Believe’s, because they are right in tune with mine.

Your letter was so rightly written that I couldn’t add anymore to it. I just hope others feel the same way as you do.

Veronica Winebrenner, Burlington

Prayer belongs


I am writing this in response to the article, “Group gripes about Trojan Prayer.” I am not sure what the unnamed parent is concerned about. What is he/she afraid will happen if his/her child hears or sees a prayer happening?

Public prayer is not a violation of separation of church and state; separation of church and state does not prohibit public prayer. It was written to prohibit government from mandating religion onto the people.

It sounds like the parent and the Freedom from Religion group are practicing “viewpoint discrimination,” which is not legal.

Also, voluntary prayer at school events is not unconstitutional: “Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to prohibit individual or group prayer in public schools or other public institutions,” (from the Constitutional Amendment on School Prayer).  

Also, the Student Bill of Rights on School Campus (First Liberty Institute) states that “Public schools must treat religious expression such as prayer, reading the Bible, and religious discussion the same way they treat similar non-religious expression, and students may pray alone or with others so long as it does not disrupt school activities or is not forced upon others.”

Students can initiate prayer on school property (as long as they are not interrupting instructional time) and they can also ask an adult to lead a prayer. If anyone is present who does not want to pray, they don’t have to.

I, too, am a concerned parent – concerned for my children and grandchildren living where anything goes but godliness. The article says that, “public schools may not advance or promote religion.” Our children are exposed to all kinds of ideas in the classroom and elsewhere. Humanism (idea that there is no God and that man alone can determine what is right and wrong), which has officially been declared a religion, is being shoved down our children’s throats at school and from all directions, yet we cannot legally say anything against it.

It is only if God is involved in the belief system that it is “not allowed” to be talked about. Why should we allow some group based out of Wisconsin tell us how to live our lives?

Stopping prayer will not stop the judgement of God; it will only stem the flow of His blessings. The constitution guarantees us the freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion not the freedom from religion.

Sandra Wilson, Romney


Give us justice


Some nights, when the world is quieter, I check MSNBC to see if the President has started a nuclear war or been impeached. Considering all of the below since 1-20-17 truly amazing. He has pressured a foreign leader to interfere in the 2020 presidential election; urged a foreign country to intervene in our 2016 presidential election; divulged classified information to foreign officials; publicly undermined American intelligence agents while standing next to a hostile foreign autocrat; hired a national security advisor whom he knew had secretly worked as a foreign lobbyist; encouraged foreign leaders to enrich him (and his family) by staying at his hotels; commiserates with murderous dictators (Putin/Russia, Erduand/Turkey, Dutuerte/Phillipines); alienated America’s closest allies; lied to American peoples about his company’s business dealings in Russia; told lies virtually every day about the economy, voter fraud, even Sharpie determined weather; spent hours on end watching television and days on end staying at his resorts; declines reading briefing books or perform other basic functions of a presidents job; aides, as well as members of his own party in Congress mock him behind his back as unfit for office; repeatedly denigrated a deceased United States Senator (McCain) who was a war hero that faced-to-face the enemy; insulted a Gold Star family – the survivors of American troops killed in action; described white supremacists as “some very fine people,” told four women of color, all citizens and members of Congress, to”go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came; the disrespectful tirades; claimed that Barack was not actually American; launched his presidential campaign by describing Mexicans as “rapists”; described women, variously, as “a dog,” “a pig”, and “horseface,” as well as “bleeding badly from a facelift;” enthusiastically campaigned for a Senate candidate who was accused of molesting multiple teenage girls; waved around his arms, while giving a speech, to ridicule a physically disabled person; he encouraged his supporters to commit violence against his political opponents; called for his opponents and critics to be investigated and jailed; violated federal law by directing his lawyer to pay $280,000 in hush money to cover up two extramarital affairs; made his fortune through widescale financial fraud; used foreign policy to subsidize his bank accounts (Trump Towers in Istanbul, etc., etc., etc.

The question is, will “our” free will give us justice using our rule of law before he sanctions our sovereign to oblivion.

Bill Arnold, Romney

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