Facebook users had some ideas of their own about what the state’s legislative priorities ought to be this year.

Our weekly poll (see results in the 1st column of this page) gave 5 options for the state’s top legislative priorities. The top choice was improving our schools.

But folks who posted comments on Facebook when we list the question there had some strong opinions.

For all the comments, check out our Facebook page.

George O’Connell: Improving the “economy” will help with all the issues we face as West Virginians. Infrastructure, employment, social services, ending or at least controlling the drug and alcohol addiction crisis facing the state, teacher and state worker pay, CPS and DHHR inefficiency, and the list goes on. A rising tide floats all boats.

Cheri Shilling Beverage: Teacher pay and insurance improvements of PEIA

Missy ArnoldComplete overhaul of CPS 

Stephen GuraJust one? How about 3: 1. Reform CPS — create inducements to become foster parents and try to intervene before kids have to go into foster care. 2. Raise teacher salaries and benefits to compete with neighboring states. 3. Pass inducements to encourage more people with their own money to move into the state — easiest way to create jobs.

Linda Gail RileyHelping the homeless and more food pantries a lot of poor people

Lora Cook Siuchninski: Dissolving the Waiver Program wait list, so those that need services can receive them

Jan Kesner: Infrastructure

Brenda S LeaseOur roads

Larry Miller: The budget

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