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Troop 32 attended the World Scout Jamboree on July 27 as visitors.

The troop left on July 26 to make sure it was there early for a full day at the Jamboree. They stayed at a house in Lansing and the next morning they left early for the Jamboree. They were there the full day that they were allowed.

There they met the leader from the Irish group that visited Hampshire County in 2017 and Troop 32 visited them in 2018. She gave all the Hampshire Scouts that went to the Jamboree the most coveted scarf in the whole world — the Irish scarf.

Troop 32 also met Milda’s friend Andriy and Nika, the leader who would come with the group of Ukrainians to the Mullins home and to be hosted by Troop 32. There they escorted Troop 32 to the World Village.

There the local Scouts met Mr. Jong, who is part of the Korean delegation and who is one of the members in charge of the next World Scout Jamboree. There he gave Troop 32 some Korean swag that promoted the WSJ in South Korea in 2023. The Hampshire boys are excited to go.

Troop 32 wants to thank Wal-Mart in Moorefield for the grant they gave. The troop also met many other Scouts and some patch and necker trading took place. On Sunday the troop decided to go to Ace Adventures after the group left the home they stayed in. The boys spent half a day there in the water park and they had a ball.

It was hard getting the boys out of the park as there was so much to do. They headed home after 4 p.m. and got home very late after delivering all the boys to their homes. The troop had a grand time. Old friends were seen once more and new friends were also made.

The World Scout jamboree has not been held in the USA since 1956, which was held in Idaho and most probably it will never be held in the USA again in our lifetime, maybe it will come back in another 50 years. The troop wants to thank the parents and grandparents for the trust in taking the boys to the Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean and for allowing them to be able to go to the water park and come home very late.

The boys are looking forward to 2023 when the World Scout Jamboree will be held in South Korea. The boys of Troop 32 have voiced a desire to go so if they in fact want to go and the parents allow them to go, the troop will have to work hard to attain it. Troop 32 hopes the community will support us as they always have in the past.

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