Lana Koontz

Shirley Twigg had a very busy month in July. Visiting with her via Keller, Texas from the 12th to the 20th was son Eddie and his wife Michele Twigg. They brought 4 of their grandchildren with them, Bryson and Kaden Carr, Audrey Carnathan, and Carrie Byrd. Eddie took his family to Capon Bridge on Wednesday July 17th and had dinner with Brittany and Greg Schrader and his family. Then all the children went swimming in Kylyn’s new pool. Eddie and Michele took their family to Harper’s Ferry on July 18th for the day.

Shirley had a dinner on July 19th for Eddie’s family before they returned to Texas on Saturday July 20th. Attending were Eddie and Michele, their grandchildren, Carrie, Audrey, Bryson and Kayden, also Roxann, Caleb, and Curtis Twigg. Susie Twigg visited with Shirley on July 23rd and brought her some green beans from their garden. Brittany, Greg, and children Axstyn and Kylyn Schrader and Roxann, Caleb, and Curtis Twigg had dinner with Shirley on July 27th.

On August 4th Shirley attended the 70th Wagoner reunion at the Springfield Ruritan Building and included the descendants of Claire and Emma Wagoner. Later in the afternoon Roxann and Curtis Twigg joined them. It was great to see a lot of family members.

On August 10th Dailey and Susie Twigg visited with Shirley and laid bricks while Dailey painted around her picture window. Jason and Mema and Ava Jane Twigg came to help his dad with the jobs and Jason finished mowing Shirley’s yard. Later in the afternoon Brittany, Greg, Kylyn, and Axstyn Schrader, Shyanne, Roxann, Caleb, and Curtis Twigg all came and had dinner with Shirley.

Please remember Shirley’s daughter-in-law, Michele Twigg, who had cancer surgery on August 8th. She is home and doing well.

All of the pictures of the dogs in last week’s issue were awesome. It looked like a lot of happy pets and happy pet owners.

Ray Brown out in Pleasanton California called me last week to tell me he appreciated putting his birthday wishes in last week’s issue.

This past Friday evening, August 9th, Wanoa Koontz met with several of her classmates from the class of ‘68 from Oldtown High School at Oscars Restaurant in Cumberland, MD for a dinner get-together.

Birthday wishes to Norma Shanholtzer in Springfield who celebrates on August 25th. Prayers and get well wishes for all in the area that are having health issues or in the hospital. 

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