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A charcoal pencil portrait of James Samuel French (Feb 14, 1826- March 7, 1905) and his wife, Rebecca Kidney French, who died at 64 years 7 months and 23 days. James French is buried in Ebenezer Cemetery. He served in the Confederate Army, Company A, 33rd Regiment Virginia infantry.

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100 Years Ago — Jan. 7, 1920

The charming organdies and beaded georgettes of last summer will not be a “patch” on the styles for this spring and summer, as they are hinted in the first offerings that have been put on the counters for Southern tourists. There is to be a revival of puffs, shirring, sashes and short “baby” sleeves, made up in materials in lovely pastel shades, decorated with clusters and wreaths of flowers that will allow no woman to look more than 18 years old, or 25 at the outside. Panniers, shirrings and suggestions of the powdered wig shop at the hips, however, and the skirt is to be strictly modern, narrow and very short, 10 and 12 inches from the ground.

The census is required every ten years by the Constitution of the United States and by Act of Congress. The date named for beginning the 1920 census is Jan. 2, by the “Census Day” is Jan. 1.

The large electric washing machines which we have been selling for $100 will be $108 after Jan. 15. However, should one of our customers want one before that date, we will accept the order at the old price if ordered at once. — Farmers Exchange

50 Years Ago — Jan. 7, 1970

A newly installed computer and dual platform scales in the Beryl wood yard of Westvaco’s Luke Mill are going to provide “instant money” and make it possible for pulpwood producers to deliver wood and to leave the yard more rapidly than previously possible.

For a growing number of married women in Hampshire County, running a home and raising a family are only part of their activities. With each passing year, more and more of them are finding that they can take care of their household responsibilities and still have enough spare time to permit them to take outside jobs. In Hampshire County, an estimated 26.5 percent of the married women are now employed, according to the latest statistics. This compares to 20.1 percent in 1960.

James R. Pyles, of Augusta, has recently been notified by the West Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers that he successfully passed the examination for the licenses of Funeral Director and Embalmer which was given by the Board in November. 

40 Years Ago — Jan. 9, 1980

Winners of the Junior-Senior High School Art Contest have been announced. Mr. and Mrs. James Kountz of Montgomery Ward Sales Agency and sponsors of the contest remarked, “It was so hard to pick the winners. There were so many, many entries submitted, depicting the hereunto undiscovered talent and hard work in our local schools. We’re glad it was not up to us to select the winners – the decision would just have been too difficult.”

Beef producers in Hampshire County along with producers from all over the nation will vote in February on whether they want a nationally coordinated beef research and information program.

Dale E. Winstead, formerly with Central Telephone of Florida, has been named Assistant Communications Consultant for Romney/Charles Town, according to Charles Rouzer, General Telephone’s W. Va. Division Sales Manager.

30 Years Ago — Jan. 10, 1990

One of the first changes in Romney for 1990 was the “turning on” of the town’s second stoplight. Actually, the light located on Main Street at the entrance to West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind will remain green until pedestrians need to cross. WVSD&B officials requested the light to ensure safe passage for students.

Gary R. Loy, Soil Conservation Technician, USDA-Soil Conservation Society, has been awarded the professional designation of Certified Professional Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist, according to Jean M. MacCubbin, director, coordinator of the Office of the Registry.

The Board of Trustees of the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation at its December, 1989, meeting authorized a grant of $25,000 to the Ohio-West Virginia YMCA to purchase building materials to complete renovation of four cabins at YMCA Camp Horseshoe. The materials will provide job training experience to the young people in the Jobs Training Partnership Act (JTPA) program at Horseshoe.

20 Years Ago — Jan. 12, 2000

Hampshire residents have another bug to be concerned about now that the Y2K insect is a thing of the past. The flu bug, more specifically speaking, the influenza virus, is making its debut in the area with the number of reported cases rising to 130 last week compared to just 20 the week before.

The Hampshire County Commission is advising Gov. Cecil Underwood and state officials that courthouse improvements are priority when it comes to consideration of grant funding for the county this year. Commission President John Dan Sitar and Commissioner Garry Shanholtz last week approved a letter to the governor stating those wishes.

Senior citizens may have more to worry about than just being susceptible to the flu virus. According to Tfc. J.A. Davis, community liaison officer for the WVSP, seniors are also too often susceptible to scams of various kinds. Davis spends much of his time talking with seniors, warning them to beware of scam artists and cons.


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