Gary Smith

20/20 vision is a term for visual acuity in which the first number refers to distance and the second refers to size. Visual acuity commonly refers to the clarity of vision, how clearly we see things. Vision is all about clarity. 20/20 vision is perfect, high-definition clarity.

In life, without clear vision, you will find yourself going in multiple directions, which will leave you frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and without purpose.

Additionally, distractions will cause you to waste time. All of this happens when we depend on our own focus and not through eyes that are focused on Jesus Christ [Hebrews 12:2].

God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you…” Sadly, many professing Christians are not living by or following God’s plan for their lives.

Instead, they are trusting in their own understanding rather than seeking, trusting and walking in the Lord’s vision.

In 2020, I challenge you to have a 20/20 clear vision of God’s plan for your life by:

Extreme focus on “self-care.” You have to live life daily in harmony with the Lord. Spend time in Bible reading, prayer, worship and fellowship with others.

Say “No” to distractions that don’t meet God’s criteria. Sadly, when life gets overwhelming, it is usually God that gets pushed aside.

Say “Yes” to deeper connections. Don’t just live your Christian walk the same old way you have always done. It will get old, stale and routine. Explore new ways to enrich your relationship with God.

Share with others your personal testimony and what God is currently doing in your life.

Praying for God’s 20/20 vision for you in 2020. 

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