Emma June Grosskopf

I’ll be the first person to say that I hate the cold, and I’m open to trying basically anything to help me break out of my winter-induced-funk.

Maybe I clean a little bit. Lord knows my apartment needs it.

Maybe I watch movies. I think the powers that be just put “Phantom of the Opera” back on Netflix, which is perfect, because sometimes you just need an extra bit of high-level drama and poor acting in your day, you know?

Maybe I write a little, recreationally. A limerick here, another award-winning country song there, a meager attempt at a harlequin romance, you know. I dabble.

Maybe I lip-sync ABBA songs in front of my mirror. I’m not ashamed.

Whenever I get stuck in a little bit of a (I won’t say “rut,” because the word has new meaning for me since my arrival in the holler) wasteland, creativity-wise, I turn to trusty technology.

Specifically, I turn to Pinterest.

Pinterest is basically the boredom-buster of all apps. Want to find new recipes to try out? Pinterest. Want to find a new crafting idea using items you have lying around the house? Pinterest. Want to find unique writing prompts to skip around writer’s block? Pinterest.

For example, I do have one specific Pinterest vice. It’s bad. It’s like my true Internet guilty pleasure.

Okay, here goes. *deep breath*

I like to use Pinterest for wedding planning.

I know; it’s embarrassing. The reason it’s embarrassing is because I am nowhere close to being a blushing bride-to-be. I have no real business saving “wedding dress ideas” or “DIY wedding centerpieces” or “tips on how to stay calm and collected on your big day” into folders on my laptop. I should be focused on things like, “how not to have 547 random Post-It notes on your desk at work” or “6 places to buy an ice scraper that actually works” or “tips on how to actually get out of bed when your alarm goes off.”

Here’s the kicker though: Pinterest is the perfect diversion. Is it productive? Decidedly not. Sometimes, though, you just need a little bit of a distraction from yucky weather and the monotony of late January into February, so in that way, it’s definitely getting something done.

There’s an added practical bonus to my own personal Pinterest use: when Orlando Bloom finally decides to leave whatever overrated pop star he’s with now and realizes that I’m his one and only, I’ll basically have our wedding planned already. Bridesmaids’ dresses? Done. Music selection? Finished. Honeymoon? Planned, packed and ready to go.

While the cold weather sometimes does prompt me to indulge in more productive pastimes, there’s nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned escapism to tide me over until the sun comes out, the weather warms up and I can actually get myself motivated to get out and do something worthwhile.

Until then, I’m going to get all snuggly on my couch, in my blankets and with a cup of tea, and just keep on clicking away. 

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