Don Kesner

The place; Washington, D.C.

The players; the people we pay to wisely manage their time and our money.

How do we determine a winner? We don’t because there is no winner.

How long does a game last? From now until at least the end of the next presidential election. And, if President Trump would happen to win the 2020 presidential race, then the game can be expected to extend for another 4 years.

What does it cost to play out this game of charades? Billions of our taxpayer dollars.

And what is the irony of these charades going on in our nation’s capital? The fact that the very people we have entrusted the job of running our nation’s government, either don’t have a clue, or simply don’t care that they are destroying our country in the process.

And yes, it’s both sides. It’s apparent that the Democrats are making up the rules of the game, but the players are from both sides of the aisle.

Then again, how can there not be players from both sides? When one side accuses, the other side must rise to the occasion and defend.

It’s a wonderful thing that a government can have a process that gives every citizen a vote. However, when a government gets so big that no one in particular is calling the shots, or no one in particular is able to semblance of control the process can run amuck as is apparent right now.

No, I am not for a dictatorship and I don’t want to have a one-person government, but at some point, someone should be able to tell these people down there to “stop the madness and get back to work.”

Forget about party lines and do what’s best for our country.

Who is working on balancing the budget? Who is keeping an eye on the economy? Why are we not getting any better at taking care of our veterans?

The bottom line is, who is minding the store while all of the players are playing charades.

OK, so ask me the question, “Why do I relate what’s going on in Washington to the game of charades?

Because in the game of charades, everyone makes a bunch of movements and no one says anything.

In my 67 years of living, I have never been so embarrassed by our government. If these were our kids, we’d tell them to go home and don’t come back until they can all learn to play together.

In case no one gets it – the world is watching the strongest nation in the world self-implode.

Anti-American nations are sitting back and watching, thinking to themselves that it won’t take a war to defeat us. All one has to do is be patient, because it won’t take military action to defeat us. Give us enough time and we will do that to ourselves.

And with all of the shenanigans going on in our government, we’ve got Muslims in Congress making rules and calling the shots for the direction of our nation.

I’m not necessarily a conspiracy theorist, but they have been quoted as saying that they will get their people elected to positions and defeat us from within.

And before someone asks what all of this has to do with a religious column, decisions made within the halls of our nation’s government tend to affect Christians as much as anyone, especially if they are going to be made by Muslims.

And the mega-bucks that are being spent on the charades affect Christians as much as anyone else. Believe it or not, Christians do pay taxes also.

I have an idea. Instead of having a dividing aisle in halls of Congress and Senate, let’s do like we have to do with kids sometimes. Let’s mix them up and let them learn to play nice together.

And let’s put the word out that if they can’t learn to play nice together, then they can get sent home and someone else can take their seat at the table.

In the meantime, let’s stop the charades and get back to work doing the task at hand, i.e., looking out for the good of our people.

Besides, there is an election coming up in a matter of months. Why don’t we just sit back and let the people decide who they want in which position, including the office of president.

And whether we like it or not, we will just have to learn to live with it for the next 4 years. It’s happened before. 

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