Lana Koontz

The big Thanksgiving feast is over and so are all the celebrations surrounding it. Now it’s time to move on with the Christmas wishes. The official Christmas shopping used to break open on Black Friday, but nowadays it's shopping everyday. Some started last year on the day after Christmas, snatching up the items at a low price to use as gifts this year. Now, if only we can remember where we put them.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with Matt and Michele Embrey and sons Alex and Eli were Gig and Gale Smith, Randy, Wanda, Amanda, Rylee and Lana Koontz.

On Saturday, Nov. 23, Gig Smith and Grandson Eli Embrey visited with Dusty Twigg at his cabin near Seneca Rocks.

On Nov. 15, Shirley Twigg and Anna Beverlin went to Gaither Homecoming Concert with Ivan Parker as the special singer. He was accompanied by his son Ryan Parker on the guitar. It was an amazing time at the First Baptist Church in LaVale, Md. There were 4 soloists and 1 group participating along with the church choir. They both enjoyed it.

On Nov. 24, Joe and Mary Twigg visited with his mother, Shirley Twigg, and spent Thanksgiving with her and the family. The Thanksgiving dinner was on Nov. 29, so most everyone could be there, and served 16 family members.

On Nov. 27, Joe, Mary and Shirley attended a Thanksgiving service at Zion Community Church in Wellersburg, Pa. It was a blessing to be there. Pastor Jim Jeffries was the speaker. Joe, Mary and Shirley presented a special hymn, “I Love to Tell the Story.”

Sympathy is extended to the Tim Beverlin family. Tim passed away suddenly on Nov. 22. Sympathy to the Gabby Mulligan family. Gabby passed away Nov. 28. Both will be missed by all their family and friends. Expressions of sympathy are also extended to the families who had loved ones pass away and were living out of the area.

Birthday wishes to Alex Embrey who celebrates on Dec. 15 and Rylee Koontz on Dec. 23.

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