With My Dad

1 Joe Pownall wife Theresa, son Matthew Bollman, and daughter Kassidy Oates from Hampshire county. 


2 Daddy Robert B. Saville and his daughters, Shirley O’Dell (left) and Delores Grapes


3 C.J. Canan with (A) his daughter, Leah, and (B) children Abby, Tre and Leah.


4 Robert “Bubba” Fitzgerald with sons Dom and Aiden and a representative from the Street Outlaws


5 Destiny Kinsley, her sister Cheyanne and their dad


6 Tanner Lewis with daughter (a) Morgan and (b) Delanie


7 Aaron McBride with his daughters Kora (left) and Abby during Easter Sunday church service.


8  Chuck Pyles with his sons Brayden (left) and Colten


9 Heather Staggs with her dad, Tom Rowan of Romney


10 Caleb Ginevan with his children (a) Preston Tucker, (b) Deliah Ginevan and (c) Larissa Ginevan


11 Stacy Ginevan and her father Jesse Meade


12 Charlotte Abe (left) and Emberlee Abe ride with dad Kent Abe in his John Deere tractor.


13 Victor and Makenlei Denmark


14 Billy Kyle with sons Triston and Austin beneath the Capitol dome


15 Michael Crane with his children Aubrianna, Chase and Hunter 


16 Mark Campbell II and his daughters, Madison and Isabella


17 Randal Haymaker and son Nash with Dad’s spring gobbler.


18 Brandon Champ and his daughter Isabella share a laugh.


19  Jeff See with Kayla and Ashley


20 Mary Puffenbarger (let to right), Michael Funk, Beverly Pownall and Randy Funk stand behind Dad Ersel Funk


21 Mark Campbell (seated beside his wife, Karen) and his children (left to right) Randy, Mike, Bob, Krista, Kylle and Mark


22 Matthew Haines and his children (left to right) Jay, Kim and Elijah


23 Kim Straw (left) with his daughter Toni and son Hunter


24 Michael Lewis with his children Wesley, Shelby and Jake 


25 EJ Ayers gets his 7-month-old son Kayden trained on the tractor.


26 Ripken Ennis with his biggest hero, his daddy Shane.


27  Roger Haines Jr. with (A) Jackie Haines, (B) Kylee Haines and (C) Whitney and son Roger Haines


28 Tommy Shingleton with (A) Laramie Shingleton and (B) Bailey Haines


29 Frank Nanna and son Frankie of Sunrise Summit


30 Daniel Nealis and his son Josiah “Si” Nealis. 


31 Julieanne Buckley is flanked by her brother Todd (left), who is a dad to 5-year-old Mya and 4-year-old Tycen, and their dad, James Buckley.


32 J.D. Corbin Jr. of Romney (left) and Travis Grapes of Fayetteville, N.C., during a 2018 hunting trip in Colorado.


33 Mandy Wilson claims 2 dads. Donald Collis Sr. (A) with daughters Mandy Collis, Lauri Skal and Donald Collis Jr., who passed away from cancer in September; and Weldon Wilson (B) with Mandy and Laurie, who lives in Back Creek Valley.


34 Wendell Trei holds his daughter, Debra, at Fort Hood, Texas, in 1956, while sister Dianne looks on. Debra Post now lives in Romney.


35  Ralph Malcolm and daughter Cindy Parker of Slanesville


36 Terry Hedrick Jr. and Elijah


37 Scott Groese with his 4 children (oldest to youngest) Liam, Connor, Shawn and Nora.


38 Melanie Watts, Mary Parker and Donna Milliken celebrate Father’s Day at Taggart Hall in Romney several years ago.


39 Lee Fincham of Romney with his granddaughter Heidi Russel, 5


40 Casey Russell of Romney with his daughter Heidi, 5


41 (A) Johnny Richardson with sons David and Keith, all Romney, and (B) David Richardson with his sons Jordan and Bryson


42 Norwood Haines, 97, of Romney at the RHS reunion earlier this month with his daughters (left to right) Sharon Ellen of Richmond, Va., Susan Bosco of Pittsburgh and Dotti Hollins of Richmond. The reunion was Norwood’s 79th and he was the oldest alumnus in attendance.


43 HHS boys basketball coach Danny Alkire, coaching at the 39th Annual All Star Basketball Classic with some help from his trusty assistant, Lennox Alkire


44 Andrew Bourelle and his daughter, Chrissy Napier


45 The Weaver clan includes Dad George Weaver with sons (a) Ed and (b) Chris, who has his own little one, (c) daughter Elizabeth.


46 Delyle Orndorff is flanked by his daughter (right) Michele Shanholtz, son Michael Davis and a family friend (left) Shannon Hott.


47 Alfred Bennett with his grandson Nick, courtesy of Alfred’s daughter, Marie.


48 Brian Clower of Springfield with his sons Dalton, Sloan, Logan and daughter Harper after she was born in September 2012.


49 Jim Sowers and his son, Amos, at Blackwater Falls


50 Jessica Russell’s dad, Jack Russell of Charlesto, with his granddaughter Heidi Russell


51 Three generations of the Haines family are represented by Richard Haines (3rd) with his grandson (left) Richard II, daughter Marie and son (right) Rick.


52 Bobby Walker of Augusta (a) cruising in his 1955 Chevy with daughter Missy Walker and (b) at the 2018 Hampshire County fair with grandson Nathan Walker helping with Nathan’s market steer


53  Elton Judy (a) and his wife, Wink, were together with 32 of their 44 family members last month. With Wink (holding youngest great-granddaughter, 5-week-old Allie Swedberg) and Elton, the group included (front row, left to right) great-grandchildren Grant, Violet, Wyatt and Jayden; (row 2) Becky, daughter Diana Teaford, Tara, Kellie, Sidney, Linda, son Alan, Jacob, Jessica and daughter Debbie; (row 3) Corrie, Eddie, Mikayla, Robert, Judy Judy, daughter Angi, Saydie, Kennedy, Jordan, Sue, Issac and Danny; and (back) TJ, Chris and John. Elton Judy (b) with his son Billy and Billy’s son Robert


54 Steve Cowgill (center) with his children Cadi Baldwin and Chris Cowgill. 

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