Don Kesner

Never have our government officials so blatantly acted like a bunch of children who can’t get along. The left won’t play with the right, the right won’t play with the left and the big guy in the middle is gonna take his ball and go home. What a pathetic showing for the rest of the world.

It’s no wonder we look so bad as far as a worldview goes. And, it’s easy to understand why other nations don’t want to be friends with us any longer.

I’ve heard it said that this president has an agenda of his own and that is to break the back of this nation. I don’t know if that is really his agenda, but whether it is or not, that sure seems to be where we are heading. No one seems to be able to trust anyone any more.

The Democrats don’t trust the Republicans and vice versa, and neither side seems to be able to trust their fearless leader. Based on polls, the American people who trust their government officials are at an all-time low.

Questions are consistently arising concerning the school system and the influence the government has on what is being taught by our teachers. It appears that the 3 “R’s” now stand for “replace, replace, replace.” Replace reading, writing and arithmetic with acceptance of other cultures and instruction being focused on Muslim culture. Replace instruction of skills necessary to succeed in today’s society, such as history, geography and other subjects. Instead, our children are being taught tolerance for alternative lifestyles. Instead of being taught to think for themselves, students are being funneled into only one way of thinking.

It’s no longer acceptable to disagree with someone else’s lifestyle whether it’s for biblical reasons or cultural reason or personal reasons. Everyone now has to accept an “alternative lifestyle” or be considered biased — so much so that to disagree or to speak against such a thing can now be considered criminal.

One could be arrested for speaking against homosexuality as committing a “hate crime.” However, it seems people are encouraged to speak out against Christianity and anything that has to do with the Bible. Where’s the tolerance for a Christian to have and to hold to his/her own belief.

We, as Christians, are living an alternative lifestyle. We choose to live with views that are different from the basic “worldly” philosophies. The Constitution gives us the right and the freedom of religion. In fact, the Bible has called Christianity an alternative lifestyle by telling Christians to “come out from among them (those with worldly, non-Christian views and philosophies), to be separate and to touch not the unclean thing (that which is not a godly lifestyle or that which is an ungodly lifestyle).” –2 Corinthians 6:17

Sounds like an alternative lifestyle to me. So where’s the instruction that teaches tolerance and acceptance of Christianity?

Christians have been taught since the beginning of the New Testament Church to “beware that no one entice them with vain philosophies, traditions or rudiments (fundamental elements, principles or skills, as of a field of learning) of the world.” –Colossians 2:8

There appears to be such a divisiveness today that not only are others being taught not to accept the teachings of Christianity but that they are also being taught to take an aggressive stand against the church and its teachings. That same aggressiveness is also being directed against the government, our heritage and our flag.

So can’t we all get along? It’s apparent that we can’t. A government that wants to control its people will never get along with a people who don’t want to be controlled. Christian and non-Christian philosophies and beliefs are like oil and water; they don’t mix.

So what’s the answer? Maybe the simplest philosophy is at least to “live and let live.” 

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