PSC nursing

(Front row left to right) Nursing Chairwoman April Shapiro, Kayla Veach (Petersburg); Katrina Roxas (Falling Waters); Kylie Crites (Moorefield); Sarah Hott (Petersburg); Avery Shanholtz (Keyser); Hannah Dorsey (Ridgeley); Andrea Kimble (Swanton, Md.); Chelsea Ketterman (Burlington); Rachel Raschella, Program Assistant; and DrTara Hulsey, WVU Vice President for Health and Wellness and Dean for the School of Nursing; (middle)  Diana Niland, nursing faculty; Allison Bennett (Riverton); Sarah Mullenax (Petersburg); Brooke Ketterman (Baker); Cheyenne Kisamore (Riverton); Makayla Harman (Petersburg); Felicia Gano (Keyser); Tanner Minney (Keyser); Sarah Billmeyer (Romney); Linda Shroyer, nursing faculty; and Heather Coddington, nursing faculty; and (back) Matthew Hottle, nursing faculty; Veronica Smith (Keyser); Holly Buckel (Frostburg, Md.); Ryan Irvine (Greenbank); Benjamin Ritz (Springfield); John Owens (New Creek); Seth Leedom (Ridgeley); Julie Fertig (Keyser); Bethany Jones (Keyser); and Mary Beth McCloud, nursing faculty.

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