Back to school 2019

1. Reigna Herycyk’s 1st day in 5th grade.

2. Cousins start kindergarten and first grade together.

3. Brailey Moore starts kindergarten in Augusta. 

4. Branson Moore starts 6th grade at Romney.  

5. First-grade Leigha Simms.

6. Mary Hott’s a freshman and Izabella’s in kindergarten at Slanesville.

7. 6th-grader Trenton Adams at RMS.

8. Janeen Ruble. 

9. 1st-grader Robert Ruble and 12th-grader Jennifer Ruble. 

10. Marley Alexis Myers, a 6th-grader in Romney.

11. First day of school for the Grays — Jaxen (2nd), Ava (5th), Jordan (8th) and Summer Ritchie(10th).  

12. Shelby, Wesley and Jacob Lewis.

13. Gavin Kline is starting 8th grade in Capon Bridge and Brooklyn Kline is in 1st at Augusta.

14. Hampshire County’s Teacher of the Year, HHS’s Allan Meck, is ready for the 1st day and eager to get to school early. 

15. Dakota Wagner, in 1st grade at Springfield Green Spring. 

16. Kylyn Schrader, 1st grader at Capon Bridge. 

17. 4th-grader Tyler Bowen and 1st-grader Carson Cowgill at John J. Cornwell, with little brother Issac, 2, who thinks he can go too. 

18. Larissa Ginevan, a 6th-grader at Romney and Deliah Ginevan, a 1st-grader at Romney.

19. Michael Clower, in 4th grade and Morgan Clower, in 1st grade at Augusta.

20. Kaedyn (left) in 7th and Kamdyn Phares in 6th at Romney.

21. Noah Jewell, 5th grade at Augusta.

22. Braylon Barnes, kindergarten at Romney.

23. Sarah Ladd says so long to Bear as she starts her junior year. 

24. Kylee Haines, 1st grade at Augusta.

25. Jordan West, a 3rd-grader at Romney.

26. Aiden Shanholtz, in 3rd grade at Slanesville.

27. Brileigh Clark, 1st grade at Romney.

28. Jaelyn is starting kindergarten at Augusta.

29. Noah Riggleman, 5th grade at Romney.

30. Brayden Doma, 1st grade at Romney.

31. The Bailey girls of Slanesville: 5th-grader Shylynn and 1st-grader Aevah. 

32. Gage Resh of Augusta, a 6th-grader at CBMS.

33. Laila Massey, kindergarten, Romney. 

34. Gary Raymond of Augusta, a 6th-grader at CBMS.

35. Izabella Down, 5th grade at Augusta.

36. Ethan Down, 6th grade at Romney.

37. Kindergartener Elyse Phillips and 1st-grader Ella Phillips of Romney.

38. Addison Gamber and Eli Skipper. 

39. Aaralynne Berg (left), 2nd grade, and Brileigh Clark, 1st grade, Romney.

40. Senior Hunter Rose, flanked by 6th-grader Carter Smith and 3rd-grader Bryson Smith of Capon Bridge.

41. Aleeah Butler relaxes after her brother and sister went off to school. 

42. Autumn Boyce, kindergarten in Augusta.

43. Autumn Brooks, 1st grader John J. Cornwell.

44. Rylee Koontz, 4th grade, Springfield Green Spring.

45. 5th-grader Morgan, 1st-grader Mason and kindergartener Easton Shanholtz of Romney.

46..Austin Shirley (8th grade) and his sister Cheyenne Shirley (6th grade) at Capon Bridge. 

47. Morgan Lewis, kindergarten, Romney.

48. Shane Woodworth, 7th grade, and Logan Woodworth, 5th grade, at Romney.

49. Bishop and Juniper Hines, starting 1st grade and pre-k at Romney.

50. HHS Freshman Lindsey A. Musselman.

51. First day at Potomac State for Hampshire High School 2019 graduates. Ryan McMasters, Hannah Gordon, Megan Bane, Jacob Curry, Madison Wilkins, Destini and Chastity Fout. 

52. Wyatt Shoemaker, 1st grade at Romney.

53. Taylor Dice, 2nd grade at Slanesville.

54. Ayden Boggess, 6th grade, Romney. 

55. Summer (6th grade) and Lily (1st grade) Giffin at Capon Bridge.

56. 4th-grader Jacob Fields and kindergartener Lilyanna Rothgeb. 

57. Brynley and Hailey Michael. 

58. 10th-grader Cohen and 7th-grader Cannon Mowery of Capon Bridge.

59. 9th-grader Dominic has to persuade 7th-grader Leah as 11th-grader Andrew looks on as the Strawn family heads back to school.

60. Grace Bond (left) is a junior and Hope Bond is a senior. 

61. Austin Wright, 11th grade.

62. Ayden Wright, 5th grade.

63. Mason Rayner, 3rd grade, Romney.

64. Kaydence Harris, 3rd grade, John J. Cornwell

65. The Pyles kids: 3rd-grader Addisyn, 7th-grader Carter and 9th-grader Brady

66. Blake Edwards 1st day with his “mimi” to himself after his big sibs have gone to school

67. The Eglinger kids: Eva (5th grade) and Ella (1st grade) at Augusta and Austin in 10th grade

68. One in each school: Savannah Wysocki in 6th grade at Capon Bridge, Victoria Wysocki in 9th grade and Isaac Bareiro in kindergarten at Capon Bridge.

69. Abigail Catlett, kindergarten, Augusta.

70. The Parks: Brookelynn, 4th grade; Christian, 2nd grade; Hunter, kindergarten; Sawyer, 1st grade; and Kason, a freshman.

71. Haven Hawkins, 2nd grade, Capon Bridge.

72. Lila Eversole, 4th grade, Capon Bridge; and Landon Eversole, 6th grade, Capon Bridge.

73. Skye Hanlin, 1st grade, Romney.

74 The Keckleys: Teeia, 11th grade; and Annabelle, 7th grade at Romney 

75. Junior Emma Curry.

76. Ryah Boyd, 1st grade, John J. Cornwell.

77. Bentley Mynhier, 2ndGrade (left), and Rylee Timbrook, kindergarten, both at Romney.

78. 11th-grader Chris Cowgill and his biggest fan.

79. The Mathiases of Romney: Jake in 8th grade, Brooklynn in 5th and Bradlee in–– 3rd. 

80. Chase Harding, 5th grade, Augusta.

81. Robert Nelson, 1st grade, Romney.

82. Cameron Conner (left), 10th grade, and Taylen Conner, 2nd grade at Capon Bridge. 

83. Junior Cody Eaton.

84. Bus driver Billy Judy, the Odom girls and Chase.

85. Jaydon McDonald, 3rd grade at Springfield-Green Spring. 

86. Junior Leigha Haslacker.

87. The Harpers: 6th-grader Sloan and 1st-grader Harper from Springfield.

88. Jaden Denmark (left), 1st grade, and Lainah Gayle, 4th grade, both at Romney.

89. Natalie Burkett, 1st grade, West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

90. John Davidson, kindergarten, Augusta. 

91. Mikalaya Simpson, 1st grade, Slanesville. 

92. Kynlee Sulser, 4th grade, Capon Bridge. 

93. Holly Barnes, 6th grade, Romney.

94. HHS junior Lily and her 9th-grade sister Lauryn Robbins. 

95. The Pyles boys: Bryce (left) in Kindergarten and Reed, 2nd grade, at Augusta.

96. Chloe Addison Rexroad, 1st grade, John J. Cornwell.

97. Case and Maren Cartwright from Slanesville.

98. Taelyn Rinker, kindergarten, Augusta.

99. Balen Harper, 2nd grade.