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December 17, 2014

Minister’s Message

Dr. Tom Gulbronson, Springfield Assembly of God

Dr. Tom Gulbronson, Springfield Assembly of God

Mercy, part 3

Mercy — The motivation gift of mercy is identified by observing those among us who are always willing to listen and empathize with the hurting or those who may be chronic doubters. People who operate in the gift of mercy are often taken advantage of by those who need continual attention and time. If not guarded, people of mercy can be worn down by their constant giving of self to others. It is often difficult for people so gifted to say no to others who constantly take their time and space. The downside of the gift of mercy is that often the gifted will listen to the discontent in the church and become part of a possible problem. Of course, the positive side is that these gifted people are always available to lend a listening ear and to show mercy and compassion. The rest of us in the body need to guard against overloading these who operate in the gift of mercy. They especially need our prayer and understanding.

Which one of the motivational or foundational gifts is most prominent in our lives? We must accept what the Lord has chosen to gift us with, which is easily identified by studying the definitions. Once we realize which one (ones) fits our context of ministry, we need to cultivate and practice the gift and accept others who may operate in a different motivational gift.


Church Notes Week of  12-17-14

God’s Helping Hands open Saturdays
God’s Helping Hands, located at Community Fellowship Church, Points, is open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month from 9-11 a.m. Good used clothing is available. Supplemental food boxes can be purchased for a small donation and proof of income. Donations of good clothing and small items are accepted. No big items without calling first. Questions or more info, call Liz at 304-492-5786.

A call to prayer for Hampshire County
The community is invited to gather with other Christians, pastors and intercessors to pray for revival in our county. Our churches, families and individuals are in need of a mighty move of God. This will only come by prevailing prayer, unified prayer, to be held Saturdays, Dec. 13 and Dec. 27, at Fox’s Hollow Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Traveling west of Romney 3 miles on Route 50, turn right onto Fox’s Hollow Road, bear right and go 1/10 mile. The church is located on the right. Every Tuesday at 6 p.m., prayer is offered up for Hampshire County at Zoar Baptist Church, 4 miles south on Ford Hill Road, Augusta. All pastors, churches are invited to join this weekly time of interceding for our county, churches, families and lost souls.

Christ Community Church holding senior luncheon
Christ Community Church, Augusta, will hold a senior luncheon on Friday, Dec. 19, at 11:30 a.m. Come join in for a good meal and fellowship.

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