Oh, hello there, December


I don’t know if you feel the way I do, but where has this season gone?

New on Blogs: Rock Doc


When I take my elderly mother to the emergency room, the nurse asks how much pain she is in, on a scale of 1 to 10.

New on Blogs: $5 Dinners


In this fast-paced world, today’s parents are all about getting delicious dinners on the table quickly enough to keep up with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Ferguson Sparks Interest In Mobile Justice Phone App


The shooting of Micheal Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked interest in a smartphone app designed to help people protect their rights.



… let me call you back from a land vine.

New on Blogs: Chef’s Delight


It’s quick, easy and tastes fabulous!

Polls: Two-thirds of Voters Support EPA Clean Power Rule


A series of public opinion polls shows pretty much the same results, two-to-one support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, new rules aimed at slowing climate change.

New on Blogs: Desert Dave


Guess or Assume – That applies to anything; weather conditions, terrain stability, animal habits, water availability, general safety, etc.



Whale of sneeze…

New on Blogs: Chef’s Delight


Everyone loves Italian dishes and none is enjoyed more than good, made-from-scratch, lasagna.

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