New on Blogs: Knowledge Is Power


The American Diabetes Association recently changed its Blood Pressure goals for people with Diabetes.

Dog Days of Summer 2014


The Romans called the hottest, driest days of the year the “Dog Days” because Sirius, the Dog Star, becomes most visible then. We think it’s a great time of year to celebrate our pooches.

New on Blogs: Cosmic Charley


Day 4 was a little bit dreary but the 5th day was spectacular!

Put in Your “Two Cents” on Clean Power


The Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments on proposed emissions standards that would cut carbon pollution in the power sector by 30 percent compared with 2005 levels.



Climate change is such a skeptical subject…

New on Blogs: Chef’s Delight


This easy recipe is great for cookouts or covered dish dinners.

New on Blogs: Desert Dave


The goose family just came to visit at my Storrie Lake camp in New Mexico.



Birdwatching is an interesting hobby…

Debunking Myths About Flood of Central American Children


There are many questions around why thousands of Central Americans leave their families, set off alone and risk their lives in an attempt to reach the United States.

New on Blogs: Chef’s Delight


It’s like having a pork chop sandwich.

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